Rosie Huntington-Whitely replaces Megan Fox in Transformer 3

Below is Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s birth chart.

Let us look at her career…

Notice that she has the 1-2-3 number combination in her Personal Year 2010 chart (PY2010).  In one of my posting “The Incredible 1-2-3” and in my book, I have explained the number combination 1-2-3 usually imply some incoming wealth for her. If it is in her Personal Year chart, then she will be able to gain the wealth during that year.

According to Wikipedia (, Huntington-Whiteley has collaborated with Vogue in March 2010; is the new face for Monsoon’s Spring/Summer lingerie collection in April; and appeared in a new series of Burberry advertisement.

In May 2010, several sources announced that she will replace Megan Fox’s role as Mikaela Banes, and will play Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in the Transformer 3 movie.

The year 2010 looks promising for Huntington-Whiteley. She can gain her incoming wealth. This is mainly because of her careful planning and quick follow-up action, impressing her “supporters”.

The result – she will have extra wealth and better career in 2010.

With all the lucky stars surrounding her, this may influence her thinking. She may have a “nothing’s gonna stop me now” attitude. Her driving force will push her to plan for more wealth and success, which she will get this year. However, she has to be extra careful next year (2011) as there could be some negative implications if she does not manage her finances well. If she’s smart enough, she should start employing a financial consultant to manage her wealth now. In 2011, the money may come in and goes out fast. She may get more money in 2011, but she will spend more too.

Let us look at her personal life…

There are two sets of 8-4-3 number combinations in her birth chart. Unless she is not careful enough, this could imply relationship problems. In her case, it could be because of her relentless pursuit for success, and the never-ending talks about her plans in making more money. These could have indirectly affected her relationships somehow with her loved ones. From April 2007 to April 2010, she had two failed relationships.

Looking at her Personal Year 2011 chart, there may be a possibility of strained relationships as well.  She should exercise tolerance and communicate with her loved ones regularly. Some of her plans may not come about as fast as she wants, causing her to have mood swings and temperamental, flaring her temper unnecessary causing undue stress for everyone.

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With the money and success coming to her, she should try to balance her work and social life, for a harmonious and healthy lifestyle.

You can find more information and meanings of the number combinations in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and easy Character Profiling”.


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