Rumours of Gong Li’s divorce rife

According to reports, the Chinese actress Gong Li is divorced from her husband Ooi Hoe Seng. Since her marriage to the 59-year-old Singaporean tobacco tycoon in 1996, talks of Gong Li’s marriage being on the rocks have been rife.

Let us try to find out more, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods…

The China-born actress has the 4-8-3 number combinations in her Birth chart. As explained in my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, there could be a hint of strained relationship.

Yes, there are signs of increased tension this year, by looking at Gong Li’s Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart. The 4-8-3 number combination also appears in her PY2010 chart. There is a double impact this year due to the two sets of 4-8-3 number combinations in the Birth chart and PY2010 chart.

For those who have read my book, you’d also notice that Gong Li is having a Double Effect this year. She could have already experienced the “Double Whammy” effect. She should try to change her attitude and mindset to lessen the impact of the “Double Whammy” if she wants an amicable solution with her husband. If she can do that and take charge of her life, it may ends being a “Double Blessing” instead.

Let me stress again the 483 (and 8-4-3) number combination does not always imply a guaranteed divorce case. Relationship between couple should always be inclusive, and not an exclusive one-sided affair. There has to be trust, shared values, and tolerance. As long as we can easily identify the signs and take preventive action not to aggravate the issue, it may just be another common quarrel among couples. Eventually it is up to us, human beings, to take charge of our own destiny and live the life we want.

Don’t be so phobic if you noticed you (or your spouse) have 8-4-3 / 4-8-3 number combination in the birth chart, or in the Personal Year chart. Every one of us will meet the 8-4-3 / 4-8-3 (or partial) number combination in our life path. Does that mean every married couple was once a divorcee, or will end as a divorcee soon?

That doesn’t sounds logical, right?

PS: I have also mentioned the implications of 3-3-6, 2-7, and 4-2 number combinations in my book. Plot Gong Li’s Personal Year charts. The number patterns do appear regularly in her PY charts. Again, it is up to her to exercise control if she does not want the negative effects to happen.

Regards, Ron


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  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Gong Li tried to salvage her marriage. The star was said to have tried having a child to save her marriage
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