Taiwan’s Lu stuns Roddick at Wimbledon

According to a recent article, Taiwan’s Lu Yen-Hsun sent Andy Roddick crashing out in the fourth round at Wimbledon on Monday (28 June 2010), with a stunning performance to win over the three-time finalist.

Let us see what we can gather from Lu’ birth chart, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method…

According to the birth chart and his Personal Year 2010 chart, Lu is experiencing a “Double Effect” this year. In addition, the presence of the 1-2-3 number combinations in the birth chart and PY2010 chart could imply increased wealth for him. With the increased positive energies in him this year, he could win over Roddick. This is mainly because of his careful planning and fast action. [4-3]

When a person is having a “Double Effect” year, it can either be “Double Blessing”, or “Double Whammy”. For Lu, he experienced the “Double Blessing” effect for now. He could have maximised the positive energies within in. Lu has to remain humble and calm over his newfound fame. The negative effects of 1-2-3 can influence his mind – the possibility of becoming proud, arrogant and spendthrift is high. With constant reminder and proper wealth control, Lu should be performing well for the rest of this year. Lu also has to be careful over any contractual agreement made due to the close proximity of 7-5-3 found in his PY2010 chart. Check my article “Cashout on 573 and 753” for more details on the effects.

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Check my book if you want to learn how to identify the “Double Effect” year; optimize the “Double Blessing” effect, and reduce the “Double Whammy” implications.

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