The Incredible 1-2-3

In the PON method, if the 1-2-3 number combination is present in specific locations of a person’s birth chart, it implies this person has assets (or rich) during their senior years or when they pass away.

Sad to say, some billionaires who have the 1-2-3 number combinations in their birth charts do not have any asset or wealth left when they are old, or when they die. This is mainly due to the wrong decisions made during their younger days.

From my EON observations, I noticed when the same number combination 1-2-3 appears in some other locations in a Personal Year chart, there could be sudden incoming wealth for that particular year. It all depends on your decisions and actions in deciding whether you can get the extra wealth during that year. The opportunity for wealth is there. Whether you can see the opportunity and grab it depends on your attitude, focus, mind-set, decisions and actions taken.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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