Brit woman becomes sexual predator after illness

A British woman says her life was ruined by a rare medical condition that has turned her into a “sexual predator”, according to a recent article.

Donna Glover is suffering from an unquenchable lust that makes her hit on strange men, wrecks relationships and has forced her to give up work.

What could have caused her to behave like a sexual predator?

In normal cases, we may be able to find some signs from her birth chart or Personal Year chart. As she has suffered such attacks since her teens, then more likely the signs are in her birth chart.

– Strong Water elements (2, 7)

– Presence of Metal elements (1, 6)

– Odd numbers at locations STOVW

– Number 5 in close proximity with Water (2, 7) or Metal (1, 6) elements

She suffers from Kleine-Levine Syndrome (KLS), also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. According to Wikipedia, KLS is a neurological disorder characterised by recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behaviour.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), sleep disorders can be due to deficiency in Qi or from a surplus of Qi in the body organs, like the kidney and heart.

As I do not have her birth date, it is not possible for me to do any detailed analysis. If she is 40 years old this Year as reported, her birth Year could be 1970. Do let me know if you have her birth date.  We can then analyse them together, for research purpose.

If Glover’s Year of Birth is 1970, the Metal (1) and Water (7) elements are present, since 1970 = 1 and 7. The sleep disorder may also be due to surplus of Qi energy in her heart (Fire element). Imagine, 1 + 7 = 8 (Fire).

Does that mean everyone born in 1970 (and those with numbers 1 and 7 in locations KL) will behave like Glover?

The answer is NO.

It depends on other numbers (and elements) present in the birth chart. There may be symptoms. You may experience sleeping problems. But that doesn’t mean that you are a sex predator. Social environment, family upbringing, moral values, and habits play a major part in influencing a person’s traits.  Don’t worry if your birth Year is 1970, or you have numbers 1 and 7 in locations KL in your birth chart or Personal Year chart. Perhaps, you are just a charismatic, charming, and appealing person and not “up close and personal” with anyone.

So, relax…

Now, let me elaborate more on the four points mentioned earlier.

1)       Strong Water elements.  In body organs, the kidney is a Water element. Water and kidney do influence our sensual thoughts. Water is important especially to women, as it also related to the female reproductive organs. If there are too many strong Water elements in a chart, the sensual desires are high. If the person cannot control themselves, then becoming a sex maniac or predator may be one way of releasing the excess Qi or energies. The numbers 2 and 7 do influence a person’s sensual traits.

2)       Presence of Metal elements. In the Five Elements theory, Metal “produces” Water. If there are more Metal elements present, it will produce more Water. If the birth chart has both 1 and 6 in close proximity, then the Water would be stronger since 1 + 6 = 7 (Water).

3)       Odd numbers. Do check my previous “Sensual Vibes’ articles out, if you have not already done so. In general, having all odd numbers in the specific locations imply strong YANG energies in that specific locations. In visual representation, the locations represent the sexual organs of a person’s body.

4)       The number 5 is close to numbers of Water or Metal element. The Number 5 is like a freedom fighter, one who believes in making changes and taking risks. They are like the chameleon. They can easily adapt to take the characteristics of nearby Water or Metal elements. Check my book for more details on the flexible number 5.

Sleeping problems include symptoms of insomnia and loud snoring. If you are having these symptoms, do not worry too much. The good news is… the problem don’t happen overnight. Unless you have been lusting for a while, you will not become a sexual predator overnight.

Regards, Ron


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