Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Secretly Marry!

According to a recent PEOPLE article, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have gotten married, just a month after their engagement was confirmed.

Let us look at the love signs that could have sparked off their marriage, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

In my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, I have provided a list of number combinations that could have contributed to the love and romance. The 2-4 is a love and romance combination number.

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Wait a minute… don’t jump to conclusion yet!

It doesn’t mean everyone will tie the knot when the 2-4 number combination appears in the Personal Year chart. It implied there is a tendency to be more loving during that year. For those who are not “attached” yet, there may be likelihood for you to meet someone you like, or someone who likes you.

In general, if a person ties the knot when the 2-4 appears in their Personal Year chart, then they are more likely to get married because they want to start a new family life of their own.

The 2-4-6 number combination is present in Bloom’s PY2010 chart. Notice the presence of 3-8-4 in his PY2010 chart? It could imply some breakup or strained in a relationship. In addition, the 5-3-8 number combination has a stressful trait.

Could it imply Bloom has to break free from other relationships so he can marry Kerr?

Kerr is experiencing the “Double Effect” this year. In a “Double Effect” year, anything goes – positively and negatively.

The agressive passionate “sparks”, emotional attachment, and urge to tie the knot are high for her (6-3-9, 3-6-9).

Though Kerr could be the more demanding person, there’s lot of talking and sharing of ideas when both are together. They could also have felt at ease when together since they can ‘click’ well.

Let’s wish both of them a blissful and happy marriage!

Regards, Ron


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  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    I mentioned Bloom may have to break free from other relationships to marry Kerr. With them expecting their first child soon, could the baby be the reason to their rushed marriage? Wishing them a happy and wonderful family! http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/newlywed-miranda-kerr-is-pregnant-2010287

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