Smoke, Alcohol, and Drugs – Part 2

I hope you have found my previous article “Smoke, Alcohol, and Drugs – Part 1” useful. Did you remember to drink enough water as suggested?

Now, let me continue with the second part of this topic.

Everything has to be in moderation, including drinking of water. So, please do not “overdrink” yourself causing your stomach to bloat. When you continue to fill a pail of water that’s already full, the water will overflow. When you drink too much, your kidney has to work harder. In normal cases, you may need to urinate often. In extreme cases, it may affect your kidney, and this in turn, may affect other body organs.  Do not drink icy-cold water. Do not drink only when you feel thirsty. So, for your own health’s sake… please exercise moderation for a healthier well-being.

As mentioned in Part 1, when Fire (heart) is too strong, it will eventually affect the Metal (Lungs) and Water (kidney). When you become a chain-smoker or drug addict, the strong fire will affect the lungs and your kidney. When you drink too much, the ethanol in the alcoholic drink caused a “stimulation” which slacken the brain-controlling functions, and will increase the acidic level of the stomachs secretions. Occasionally, excessive taking of alcoholic drinks may paralyse the nerves, affecting the whole blood circulation.

How can we identify the signs in the birth chart, or impending Personal Year chart so we can take preventive actions to reduce such negative impacts from happening?

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First, look at the “internal” numbers in

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appearing in the PY chart, there is an adrenaline rush to satisfy the sudden fiery urge to “reduce” the dryness.

Let us now look at some sample charts to explain further.

Bret Michaels (15 March 1963) ran into trouble with the law recently when police found marijuana and other drugs on the rocker’s two tour buses, reported in a recent article.

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It is important to understand the implications of strong Fire and how we can take remedial actions to prevent similar addictions in our lives. A strong Fire doesn’t always imply addiction. It could also imply some other health problems or injuries. You can also direct the other traits of the Fire energy (creativity, warmness, hyperactive) to other meaningful pursuits.  Controlling your anger and temper would help too. And yes, drink enough water to reduce the thirst and dryness.

I hope this article would provide extra insights on what you can do once you understand and apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Learn to work on improving your well-being and your loved ones too. Addiction is expensive, harmful, and stressful. It is a “burden to society” and affects everyone.

Regards, Ron


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