Steps to profile a person’s personality

Today (29 August 2010) is Michael Jackson’s birthday. MJ would be 52 years old today if he is still alive.

My articles posted here mainly focused on specific areas of concern where I want to highlight the key issue(s) and the possible effects. I know you can use the information here and in my book, to value-add to your existing knowledge and apply it to your future analysis.

What if you are new to ‘Elements of Numbers’ (EON) and want to learn and apply the methods? Wouldn’t it be great if you can profile a person using a systematic approach?

Yes, you can do that easily without ‘burning a hole in your pocket or wallet’.

I have provided the exact steps in my book to analyse a person’s character and traits, from a young age to the later years. I have included the steps to analyse using Michael Jackson’s birth chart as a case study. I have also included the steps to profile the other music ‘King’ as well – Elvis Presley. Apart from the basic characteristics, I have also described how to identify their hidden traits.

I have also provided case studies on popular people like Tiger Woods, Cyndi Lauper, Elizabeth Taylor, Christopher Reeves, Stephen Hawkins, Isaac Asimov, and many others. As they are all well-known people, it would also be easier for you to check the Internet for the chronological events and issues faced by them.

For the price of a book, you can start to enrich and change your life for a better tomorrow. With the articles here, you are walking with me through this walkway of lifelong experience of self-actualisation.

I have structured my book as a course book where you can learn the key word of the numbers first. The basic theories are all explained in the book. Once you have mastered the basics, you can then progressively learn more on the advanced information and associations of the numbers. The advanced information in my book is useful to those familiar with the Power of Numbers (PON) popularised by Dr. Oliver Tan. It included extended method of analysis to look at issues beyond that taught at the PON courses.

You need to understand the fundamental and the steps to profile a person. Once you’ve ‘picked up’ the knowledge, you can then advance your analytical skill and zoom in to focus on specific issues like relationships and health.

I strongly believe if you take a conscious effort to learn EON and practice regularly, your knowledge will improve. You will be better than many others, including me. And if you do, I’m glad you have become what you are because you believe in yourself and took the first step to learn EON. Although my book can help you understand yourself better, it is mainly because of your own decision to take charge to make the change.

And when you acquired the knowledge of EON, remember to learn to share your love and gratitude. Spread the good feelings you have on EON. Don’t keep the EON knowledge to yourself. Let others know you care about them too. Tell them about Be humble and charitable. Help others as much as you can.

Regards, Ron


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