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Some time back, I received an email from a user (let’s call him Ben) who asked me why he kept losing money while gambling this year. Apart from telling him the probable reasons, I also told him to be tolerant of his relationship with his girlfriend (if he has one). He was surprised and wondered how I knew. I then told him I will explain some of my findings in an article to allow others to share their views as well.

First, let us look at Ben’s birth chart. Noticed the two sets of 8-4-3 number combinations in his chart? As mentioned in my book and in other articles here, the 8-4-3 doesn’t mean a guaranteed divorce case. It implied a strain in relationship.

Ben has to learn to be more tolerant towards others to lessen the quarrels, disagreements, and so on. Of course, no relationship is without quarrels and different viewpoints. As long as Ben is willing to understand the other party’s views and be considerate, then it’d not be a stressful relationship for him.

Ben also has to learn to be careful when signing legal or contractual agreements, and agreeing to be guarantors for others. As the 5-7-3 is in his birth chart, he has to consciously remind himself to be extra careful when dealing with such issues. Read the fine prints carefully. If in doubt, don’t sign on the dotted line.

Ben is 23 this year. He should start to learn to take care of his health now. He should take proper healthy food, and eat less sugary, fried, and oily food – to minimise the possibility of getting diabetes and high cholesterol in his later years. He always feel stressful, and should learn to relax to reduce mental stress.

Take a look at his PY2010 chart. The 3-3-6 is present, and it implied a [Fast-Fast-Money] attitude. As the 5-4-9 is also present, it implied a risk Ben is willing to take. Check my other article “Taking Risk on 4-5 and 5-4” to find out more on the 5-4-9 effects.

The search for fast success is also in his mind. The hope to win, win and win is high. With the triple sets of 9-9-9 in his PY2010, he is even more stubborn and has the ‘I want more’ thinking which may lead to greediness, if not taken care of.

The 2-1-3=6 is somehow influencing his thoughts, and perhaps, his actions too. The [Talk-Alone-Fast = Money] is once again in his mind. Even after I told him not to waste his money gambling, he was in a defensive mode saying that he’s only a casual gambler.

When you know your gambling luck is low, it’s not worth the effort to waste money hoping for miracles. You should always save the money for some other practical purpose. Yes, you may win some money while gambling, but the overall returns may not be as much as you’d expect.

Try plotting Ben’s PY2011 chart. The 6-6-3 number combination is present. This implied money coming in and going out fast, like a roller coaster effect.

As the urge to spend is high, the impulsive nature may influence him. Ben should learn to control his tempers and his spending.

That’s my brief findings. 8)

Many people don’t like to hear the negative remarks about themselves and claim that they are not “like that”. If you are really “not like that“, then this is good. The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is to know why we are “not like that” and should try to remain “not like that” for as long as we can. The continuing positive affirmations would lead to a positive thoughts and actions, and to greater success.

Many gambling addicts started as casual gamblers, and moved up the status quickly because of gambler’s luck. It’s easy to learn to play the game and win some money. But it is difficult to get out once you are addicted to the game.

Ben can learn more about himself through EON. In fact, he should as there are many more areas he can discover about himself which he doesn’t even know today. What is important for him is to know his past and present traits and negative habits, and how he can make a change for a better future.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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