What’s with 2-5-7?

The other day, I received an email from Jacky asking me whether I have included the 2-5-7 number combination in my book. I replied and asked her whether she meant 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) instead as I have not posted any article on 2-5-7.

I have provided basic information in my book that explains all possible combinations of the first two numbers, e.g., 2-5, 3-5, 1-2 and so on. I’ve also explained the effects for some of the resultant numbers.

I have purposely expanded information on some number combinations here to allow you to know more. In fact, I intentionally setup this web-blog as a continual learning hub for valued supporters who bought my book. Spread the word around. Enter your friend’s email in the “Tell Your Friends” section at the bottom right of this page. The more we give and share, the more we’ll receive. It happened to me now because I dare to share my knowledge with you. Before I started writing my book, my knowledge of PON was superficial. But when I took the challenge to share my experiences, my intuitive mind and “Divine Mentor” guides me along. EON is the result.

Anyway, since Jacky mentioned 2-5-7, I thought it would be a good topic to discuss the possible effects of the number combination in this article.

So what’s with 2-5-7 then?

When the 2-5-7 appears in your birth chart and in close proximity, there are traits and signs mentioned below…

The person may have a problem communicating with others, or find it difficult to express themselves. Sometimes, this person may like to gossip and twist their words easily. It doesn’t matter to them what this person say – others are just as excited to hear from them.  If you need someone to “spread the word around”, people with 2-5-7 are the best – they cannot keep secrets.

On the other hand, this person can be a sweet-talker, and talking “endlessly” and long-winded. They believe in principles, and have many wisdom stories to share with you. They may have some split personality. One moment, they have difficulty expressing themselves. The next moment, they can talk like lecturers. Sometimes, people see them as stubborn, rigid and proud.

This person can be charismatic, soft-spoken, approachable, popular, and occasionally, flirtatious. If there are other “sensual and fiery elements” nearby, the casual flirts may turn to tryst relationships and transgression.

This person may do things and act beyond their means, usually for the sake of others. “All for one, and one for all”, may be their motto. On the other hand, this person can also be “sneaky” and have hidden motive, like doing things that benefit themselves most. Sometimes, they may worry unnecessary, causing undue stress to themselves.

This person must take care of their liver, kidneys, circulatory and immune systems and most importantly, their heart. They may face digestive problems. For some, their gastronomical adventures may be obvious. They need to take care of their limbs too, and may have experienced cuts on their body.

That’s some of the observations that come to my mind while writing this article. Bear in mind the traits and effects mentioned are specific to the 2-5-7 number combinations, putting all other numbers aside. If you have the 2-5-7 in your birth chart, it doesn’t mean you will have all the traits and signs mentioned. As there are other numbers around, the elemental influence is different. You may experience varying degree of the effects and signs instead.

Try to relate the traits and signs mentioned to the numbers and elements. Try to visualise all possible effects of the number combination from different angles. There’s some more but I’d rather you try it out yourself. Try doing your own profiling on people you know who has this number combination in their birth charts.  This way, you will inculcate the habit to be more inquisitive, and at the same time, learn and increase your knowledge.

Until then, happy digesting!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. yvonna says:


    All the above confirmed chop signed as for me. Very precise even when the number is on the father sector…


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