Ben on 5-7-3

I received an email from Ben the other day. He was worried about the effects of 5-7-3 in his Personal Year chart. He asked whether he can avoid the lost of money by asking his girlfriend to sign the contract instead.

I’m glad Ben asked this question. He was concerned and wants to know how he can learn to improve his future. When in doubt, we should always ask instead of assuming. We should clarify the facts and not based on what others had said.

The effect of 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) does not imply Ben will lose money signing contract. It’s not about the contract. It is just one of the many actions that he took previously that can result in him losing money. The effect is on him and not his girlfriend. Asking his girlfriend to sign the agreement does not mean he can avoid the negative vibes and effects from the 5-7-3 number combination.

Let’s put it this way – if Ben asked his girlfriend to sign the agreement on his behalf, he is still responsible should there be any problem over the contract. And the dispute between Ben and his girlfriend is already a disagreement over the verbal contractual issues. Ben may lose out. He has to spend more money buying flowers and gifts on his girlfriend. In the end, he would have lost some money by spending unnecessary.

When the signs are there, we cannot avoid it. One reason for learning Elements of Numbers (EON) is to know ourselves better, and how we can identify the signs. And then take action to minimise the impact and reduce the negative energies. When the incident happens, it would not be as serious or detrimental as it can be.

A contractual agreement (written or verbal) can be made previously or years back. It need have to be done during that particular year when the 5-7-3 appears.  When the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) number combination appears, it means there could be some disagreement during that year, usually about the agreement made previously.

In summary, when the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 (including partial number combinations) appears in PY2011, it means you are more prone to losing money that year. It could be due to some disagreement, theft, losing valuable items, paying more for an item, and so on. It could also imply that you may be more careless that year.

A friend of mine had the 5-7-3 in her PY2010 chart. I warned her about it. A few weeks later, she lost a stack of car parking coupons. The 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) is about losing money out of the ordinary daily events. She was careless.

When you have the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) number combination in your Personal Year chart, don’t be a “show off” and flaunt your wealth openly. Take care of your wallets and bags. Don’t leave important items openly in your car. If you have a disagreement, try to resolve the matter amicably. It doesn’t matter which side of the “disagreement line” you are in. Reaching an agreement on a happy note would ensure a “win-win” outcome for all, and your lost would be lesser than expected.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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