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I noticed someone did a Google search for “sex symbol numbers” and my article “Christina Hendricks proud to be sex symbol” was among those listed.

We should not take certain traits like sex symbol literally. Even if the specific number patterns are there, it doesn’t mean that person is a sex symbol. We also have to be sensitive when reinforcing certain traits that may have negative implications when viewed from another perspective. Not many people like to be told they are sexy, or worst, perceived as a sex symbol. It has implications for different cultures in different countries. Some people viewed sex symbols as prostitutes or social escorts. So, be careful and mindful over the words used to describe the person.

We cannot assume a person is a sex symbol because they have certain number patterns that imply sex symbol in their birth chart.

Putting the sensitiveness aside, the numbers 2 and 7 imply sensual desires. Both are of Water elements, and in the Five Elements theory, Water also denote sensual thoughts. And together with other numbers mentioned in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, the fiery and passionate thoughts may be high. However, whether a person can become a sex symbol or sex maniac depends on other influencing numbers in their chart. In addition, their actions and habits can be influenced by their social values and family upbringing.

We should not assume people with such numbers in their charts will look like gorgeous looking babes or handsome hunks.  In fact, they can be plain-looking and fat. It’s just that they do have the charismatic appeal and can influence others when they talk.

When you see the numbers 2, 7 (and 3) in close proximity, it is more proper to say that they could be more charismatic, approachable or has certain magnetic appeal. It is less hurtful than saying they are sensual, flirtatious, or worst, behave like a sex symbol unless they are widely reported or publicly known as one.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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