Toxic mud spill

Hungary declared a state of emergency early this week caused by a toxic mud spill, according to this report. Officials fear the death toll could rise after the walls of a reservoir of residue at an aluminium plant in Ajka broke on Monday afternoon.

The red alkaline sludge is a toxic residue left over from aluminium production and contains harmful substances such as lead and corrosive elements.

EON is one of the simplest and easiest methods to learn, comparing to other Chinese metaphysics. Just understand the meanings of the numbers 1 to 9, and the Five Elements associated to the numbers.

Let us do some analytical reasoning using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

There are signs appearing in 2010. I have mentioned some of the events that may happen in my articles “Numerological Predictive Observation 2010”. I have also mentioned about oil spills, coal mine, dam burst and fireworks incidents in some other articles on this site. Check them out later if you have not read them yet.

Now, let us refresh our memory on the numbers for 2010.

2 (Water) + 1 (Metal) = 3 (Fire)

2 is Water (Liquid, fluid, movement, blue/black colours). 1 is Metal (oil, alkaline, coal, ship, weapons, ore, black/silver/gold and metallic colours). 3 is Fire (explosion, fireworks, lights, red/orange colours)

The numbers tell it all, and I am just explaining their associations to you. It is not about my analysis or predictions.

If you are new to EON, get my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Learn the basics of the numbers and the elemental aspects. Know your past traits and improve them now, so you can live the life you want tomorrow. And if you want to try “looking into the future” what may happen in 2011, then try to associate them with the numbers appearing next year.

What do you see?

The energies appearing in 2011 do not start immediately on 1 Jan 2011 and ends on 31 Dec 2011. In fact, it’s already ‘at our doorstep’. The energies in 2011 would surface, just like a medical health conditions where the problem would have already piled up earlier showing signs and symptoms to prewarn us. As 2011 is just a few months away, the signs would have surface anytime now. The superbug virus, the recent dengue-fever, smog and haze – these are signs of impending issues we need to be wary about. Check the potential issues I have mentioned in my article Need for Insurance.

Even though these incidents are global issues beyond our control, we do have an important part to play to minimise the damages. If we don’t do it, who will? When we take steps today (NOW) to improve the safety and health of ourselves and others, we can look forward to a safer and healthier environment.

Remember… “A Better Tomorrow Starts From Today.”

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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