Left and Right Brain Thinking

I’ve included hidden information in my article “Of Course on EON. Sure, Why Not?” posted last week. I wanted more people to read and try to digest what the article is all about. I wanted to help you improve your analytical skill on the Elements of Numbers (EON) by using your brain optimally.

I received few emails. These reinforced the theory that more people use the Left side of their brain more than their Right side. The Left-Brain thinking is about looking and solving problems through logical, rational, objective, sequential and analytical approaches. The Right-Brain thinking is about looking and solving problems through intuitive, holistic, subjective and creative means. We normally use both sides of our brains. The approach we often adopted would decide whether we are more of a left-brain or right-brain person.

Take the case of last week advertisement teaser. Not many people could identify the hidden meanings to the information I’ve provided, based on the few emails received. You have to look from the “out of the box” paradigm mindset to know what the article is all about. Some did but many could not. Maybe you did but couldn’t find the time to send me an email. Perhaps you’re confused with the mixtures of percentages and words used, and didn’t know what it’s all about. Maybe you didn’t even read it at all.

The first hint is the title itself. “Of Course on EON…” is about the Of Course on EON. Some have guessed it right. Of late, I have received calls to conduct EON workshops. As EON is getting more awareness these days, there are people who preferred to learn EON through interactive or participative approach in classroom learning, rather than reading book. So, the “100% Reservation…” and “100% FIRST CLASS…” implied I may conduct my first class soon. And the students are through special invite and open to those who have bought my book or visited this site.

Most of the hints are reflected in the statistical hints. Sadly, few could “unlock” the key to the “opened” secretthe meanings of the number combinations!!!

Now that I have unlocked the secret, check the article again and read. For example, number 3 is about fast, hot, fiery fire and passion. 33% Hot & Passion. Get it? Check the rest of the statistical hints. In addition to the general definitions on the number patterns, the statistical hint is also about the EON course and what you can expect. Send me an email if you need more explanations on the number patterns, or are interested to pre-register for the course.

By now, I know many of you would be smiling and told yourself “How come I didn’t think of that!”

So, what has left-brain and right-brain thinking got to do with EON analysis?

Let me tell you this, “IT DOES, AND YOU SHOULD!

Let me explain further…

When you first analysed a birth chart of a person who has strong Fire element, your LEFT-BRAIN helps you to identify the problem and possible “solutions”. You encouraged the person to stop smoking, binge drinking and drugs consumption to minimise any heart-related problems. That’s great, isn’t it?

What if the strong Fire person does not smoke, take alcoholic drinks or drugs? Does that mean they may not develop heart-related problems later? You got to adopt the “out of the box” paradigm mindset and look at solving the issue in all possible ways, including radical and creative means. That’s where the RIGHT-BRAIN comes to mind. First, it tells you the problem is NOT only about the smoking. Instead, it IS ALL ABOUT the smoke. The smoke will affect you and cause inflammation to the blood vessels. This means that even if you don’t smoke, you may also have similar heart-related problems as those felt by heavy smokers. It is because of the smoke you inhaled. Yes, passive smoking (or second-hand smoke) is just as dangerous as direct smoking. In fact, studies have shown that it may be more dangerous when you inhale “unfiltered” smoke. So, the Right-Brain tells you to stay away from areas where there are heavy smokers. You should try all means to avoid inhaling these “second-hand” smokes. It’s bad even if you don’t smoke.

I used both sides of my brain often while doing research on EON. I would first use my LEFT-BRAIN to identify patterns associated to the issue I am focusing on. I’d then document down my findings, and stop thinking about it for a while by doing other unrelated tasks. When I next revisited the issue again, I’d then use my RIGHT-BRAIN to look at it from a different perspective, more so towards the creative approach. It helps me to identify other “causes and effects” and most importantly, the solutions I can apply as well.

So, try to use both sides of your brain when analysing a birth chart using EON. It works for me, and I know it will work for you too… if you try harder. There is always an opportunity to fail or succeed when analysing a chart for traits and symptoms. The outcome mainly depends on your action and choice. Using both sides of your brain will help you succeed in finding the information and solutions you need.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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