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[Updated and Take Note: Check this article “The Search for “Beware of PON”“]


Tom is an avid user of numerology, buying many numerology books (in Chinese and English) for the past few years. He recently attended the basic Power of Numbers (PON) course conducted by Dr. Oliver Tan (Numbers Academy Singapore). Tom noticed the basic traits and characteristics mentioned in the basic preview course were almost similar to many of the traits described in the numerology books he has read. Tom wanted to know more about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and asked whether there is a course on EON.

The method of plotting the PON chart (placing the numbers in respective location) is similar to a “Chinese numerology” method that has been in practice for many years. Dr. Tan could have adapted his reversed triangle chart from “The Book of Numerology” by Hal A. Lingerman. There is another system similar to PON method but it uses the Star chart design instead.

The basic traits for each number (1-9) could be adapted from different numerology systems including those drawn from the Chinese, Chaldeans, Egyptians and Indians. The other key feature of this same Chinese numerology (including PON) is the Five Elements.

I’d suggested to Tom that he can attend the advance PON module if he has the time and budget. Dr. Tan has discovered many unique number patterns associated to certain traits, characteristics, and consequential effects in his PON course. Tom would be able to identify similar traits using the various number patterns provided in the course.

So, what’s the difference between PON and EON? You may want to check out my article “PON and EON. What’s the Diff?” for more information.

EON complements PON. EON adopts the “cause-and-effect” approach using the Five Elements in PON. It is similar to the Five Elements I’ve learned from many Bazi masters. I’m glad my research has paid off. I could explain the “Whys” and “How” behind certain traits and patterns, instead of simply telling you, for example, “9-4-4 = specific traits” without elaborating further.

Some PON trainers commented that I am using Bazi analytical methods in EON. This is an ignorant and confusing remark. I am focusing more on the Five Elements theory in PON to look beyond the number pattern. It obviously shows the shallow understanding the trainer has on the Five Elements theory in PON.

In summary, it all depends on what you want to learn, and the knowledge you want to build up. The best way to know whether the course is useful or not, is to attend the course and check it out yourself. No matter how good a course is, there will be negative remarks made by disbelievers, skeptics, and “competition spies.”

Buying my book to learn EON is a good start to discover the power in numbers and its elemental influences, including the method to plot the Time of Birth chart. There are no plans to start any EON course this year (2010). Attending Dr. Oliver Tan’s PON course may be useful (when time and financial budget allows) as there is so much you can learn from his discoveries.

Once you have picked up the basic PON techniques, you’d then be able to expand your knowledge beyond number patterns with the extended EON method.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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