Numerological Predictive Observations 2011

Forecasts are just normal prediction of the future events that may or may not happen. How it will affect us depend on our thoughts and actions. We cannot prevent nature disasters from happening, but we can help minimise calamities whenever possible by taking preventive measures.

Every one of us has an active role to play to ensure our lives are at healthy and positive levels. When we are positive and healthy, we have the strengths to manifest the positive energies and help others.

I wrote this article is to test my knowledge and understanding of the elemental energies and vibes on the numbers. Treat this article with an open mindset, and take necessary precautions if you can. It’s better to be safe than sorry and regret later.

Increasing health issues may surface in 2011. Do consider taking up medical or health insurance if you can. When everyone can take an active role to keep a holistic well-being and healthy lifestyle, the negative health impact may not be as bad as it could be.

This may be my last ‘official’ yearly forecast. I’d prefer to realign my focus back to my early objectives – to educate you on the underlying fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. When your EON knowledge improves, you can do your own life and health forecast. You can then take necessary preventive actions.

General Observation 2011

The Year 2011 is about fast, moving and heightened growth of the forces of nature and its elemental energies. Even though the energies are not as fiery as in 2010, the devastation nature remains, and may get even worse because of its different intensified nature. The past 2 months leading to 2011 (that is, Nov and Dec 2010) provided some clues to what we can expect in 2011.


1)      There may be more volcano eruptions (especially from domain ones). There may be more volcanic ashes shooting upwards than eruptions with hot lava flowing out. Expect more smog and haze from illegal logging!

2)      The weather is spinning like the strong wind trapped in a small air well. More trees (and homes build mainly of wood materials) may be destroyed by the torrential strong wind, hurricane, blizzard, twister and typhoons – a ‘devastating and deafening’ experience many people may have not felt or seen before.


1)      The emergences of new super-virus and mutation of existing viruses bringing it to a new higher degree of severity may be prominent in 2011.

2)       There may be medical breakthrough announced or introduced in 2011 that may help reduce health conditions related to immune, urinal and liver issues.

3)      There may be new medical discovery, probably because of research testing done on plants and herbs.

4)      The demand for sweetener (both natural and artificial) may be higher than 2010. There is an urge to take more sweet food. As a result, more people may likely to have diabetes, or their blood sugar level may be on the high side.

5)      More people may suffer from emotional stress, mental depression, and lungs infection. Learn to relax. Cut down on binge drinking and addictive smoking, if you can.

6)      Gaseous or airborne viruses may appear (probably in the North or West regions) and could cause endemic if not properly controlled.


1)      Share prices of agriculture commodities like sugar and palm oil may increase to a new level, probably because of increasing market demand.

2)      Medical, pharmaceutical and health stock prices may rise as more people suffer from health conditions mainly related to diabetes, emotional and mental stress and depressions.

3)      Money comes in and rolls out fast. The optimistic opportunities may be there for many people. Control your finances and spend wisely. Invest only when you can afford to lose it.

4)      There may be increasing number of people caught swindling money or involved in money laundering.


1)      There may be plans to build new building or tall infrastructure near coastal areas or beaches.

2)      People will get more vocal with both man and woman having ‘equality’ treatment.

3)      There may be announcement or launch of new transportation (for example, ship, vehicle, rocket, train, or plane) or buildings. The designs could be slick, slim-line and/or with prominent “twin” features or shapes.

4)      There may be more babies born in 2011 compared to 2010.

5)      More people would take an active role in promoting or campaigning for issues on children and education.

6)      Accidents involving wooden structures (trees, houses, etc) or causing body and limps injuries may be more prominent in 2011.

7)      There may be a discovery of a new snakelike creature in the woods, forests or swamps.

8)      There may be more military or terrorist “actions” in the forest.

Have fun reading and digesting the contents.

If your health improves, it’s because you took action to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you make profits from your investments, do consider parting some of it to charity. And if your skill on EON improves, help spread the good feelings (on EON and this site) to others.

Have a Positive and Healthy Life Ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Is 2011 the Year of Medical Breakthrough?

    Breakthrough in delivering drugs to the brain

    Protein found in brain cells may be key to autism

    Early-warning diabetes test hope

    This is just the beginning. Expect more breakthrough announced in the next few months!

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