Wikileaks Blowing for Julian Assange

By now, many of you would have heard about global diplomatic impact and embarrassment caused by the unauthorized leaks of secret and confidential documents released by Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Now that we have the birth date of Julian Assange (courtesy of FBI), let’s check what we can discover from his birth chart and Personal Year charts, using the Elements of Numbers (EON).

You can read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and do a quick personality profile on Assange. You’d find many of his traits, characteristics and potential behaviours are associated to the individual numbers and number combinations stated in my book.

You can also look at the possible health conditions related to Fire and Metal in my book and from the various articles posted here.

The high ambition to be a successful Team Leader is reflected in his birth chart, with the multiple number 1s. There is always a need for him to express himself (hidden 2s) and one easy way is through his pen (or the computer keyboard in this case). He is constantly feeling stressful as he strives to gain the success and attention mainly for himself. He cares more for his own pride, achievement and face than others, including his team members.

The early intention of Wikileaks was good as it provides an accessible forum for whistle-blowers. However, all that has changed negatively because of one person’s strong and narrowed views that he “can control and rule the world in his own way.” Because of his arrogance and irresponsible actions, there may be a possibility that someone could backstab (betray) him, possibly for money’s sake.

Look at the number 1s flowing downwards in his birth chart – this can imply possible death like stabbing by metal object or weapons. It could also imply an accident, medical operations or jail (prison bars) in his later years. If he suffered a heart attack, it could be caused by lungs inflammation, pneumonia or brain-related conditions.

Now, let’s look at his Personal Year charts. You may also want to check out this Wikipedia page for a history list of events.

There was a strong urge for the hypersensitive and frustrated Assange to succeed and become famous in 2006. He was working hard to ensure he got what he wanted. He could have done so in 2007 as it was his “Double Effect” Year. The temptations were doubly strong, mainly due to materialistic and monetary influences.

In 2008, the arrogance traits became obvious mainly because of increasing recognition and financial support. The same situation could have happened in 2009. Notice the partial 5-3 (as in 7-5-3) in locations OP of his PY2009 chart? His irresponsible actions were making the courts and police enforcement agencies busy.

This year, the 7-5-3 appears in is PY2010 chart. He is wanted by the FBI. He could even be more forceful in 2011. The 1-4-5 [Alone-Plan-Obstacle] traits implied he could be able to fulfill his plans, amid the obstacles. If he could overcome that, his plans to leak out more confidential secrets may come true. Notice the end result 9-6-6 in his PY2011 chart. Refer to Page 154 of my book – the number 6 is also associated to whistle-blowing, in addition to money.

There are signs the whistle-blowing fun by him may wane out from as early as late 2011, probably caused by heated arguments, internal breakups, jealousy and disbandment among his members. It could also be caused by “aggravation” to his health condition. There could be a possibility the law would be able to catch up with him around late 2012 or in 2013. Plot his PY2012 and PY2013 charts and check whether you can see possible signs?

For all you know, what I have mentioned above may not come true. No one can predict what may happen in the future for Assange. Although the number vibrations are there, whether the negative energies could affect or influence him depends mainly on his thoughts and actions.

Although he may gain the attention (and money) and recognition he is after, the power to continue may be slowed down because of health reasons.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested ( That’s one of the negative effects from the 7-5-3 number combination in 2010. However, this will not put a plug to stop “the hole” from leaking. There could be a backlash. As stated in my article, there could be more embarrassing and severe “leaks” expected to be released in 2011.

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