Calming the Stubborn 1

Andy recently attended the Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and came to know about this Elements of Numbers (EON) web site through a fellow course mate.  Like many other users, Andy has gathered more insights by reading the case studies and articles here. In his email, Andy wrote “I must say they are very informative and interesting and I have actually gained more from it despite of what I have learnt.”

PON and EON are complementary, and allows student the potential to profile a person beyond the basic numerology techniques. Today, there are many regular overseas users (outside Singapore and Malaysia) who bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, and enjoyed digesting the articles posted in this site.

Andy also included the birth date of his friend Kristy. Although Andy could identify many of the traits associated to Kristy’s chart, there were some areas where he could not figured out and ask whether I could enlighten him on the areas.  Sure, why not?

I told Andy I love doing case study as it helps me to further improve my analysis. In many ways, it may also open some new findings for me too. Now, let’s look at Kristy’s birth chart and find what we can identify, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

For those who have read my book and are still new to EON methods, the chart is not a mirrored chart. The numbers in locations IJKL is 1-4-1-4. If it’s a mirrored chart, then it can be 1-4-4-1 or 4-1-1-4.

I mentioned the potential negative effects of a 1-5-6 number combination in my article yesterday about money thoughts. As I have also explained the various traits and effects of 1-5-6 in my book, I will not cover them here. You can check out my book for the details (Page 155).

The presence of multiple 1s and 6s could imply a strong-will, blunt, and hardheaded person who can take NO for an answer. There are tendency traits suggesting a self-egoistic, self-willed, headstrong and stubborn person, one who seldom trust others and prefer to do tasks alone. Look at the 1-4-5 [Alone-Plan-Obstacle].

There may be a tendency the problems that aroused could have been “originated” from Kristy, and not others. The thoughts of “it’s everybody’s fault and not mine” could have influenced her as well. This could be due to the unnecessary worries and emotional stress.

Kristy’s husband has the Root Number 4. Using the Compatibility approach, 1 + 4 = 5. This could imply obstacles when both parties are around. As I don’t have the birthdate of Kristy’s husband, I could only assume she is the “more stubborn one” as there are multiple 5s in her birth chart. Kristy MUST learn to let go of past resentments, free her mind from unnecessary worries and most important, be tolerant of other’s traits and characteristics. This means trusting others and involving in team decisions and actions.

“Will the marriage last?,” Andy asked me.

The answer is not for me to decide but one that depends on the thoughts and actions of both Kristy and her husband. We don’t decide whether a meal would taste good based on one ingredient. A good meal includes a salad of other complementary ingredients, and the passionate actions of the cook. Likewise, we don’t judge the fate of a good marriage based on compatibility only.  For example, there are people who are compatible but ended divorced. Then there are those who are not compatible, and yet live their lives together ‘til their last breadth.

The number 5 is not only about stubborn or obstacle. It is also about challenges, “means testing” and adaptability. We should not think negatively right from the start. If the combined Root number is 5, and if we assumed there are obstacles waiting for them, how did Kristy and her husband managed to tie the knot together? There must be some chemistry somewhere.

In EON method, no traits and characteristics is absolute as the influencing energies and vibes change regularly. Yes, there could be tendency traits but the degree of the specific trait also depends on the influence of the surrounding numbers. If Kristy has a strained relationship with her husband, is there anything she can do or change to revive the magical moments during their courtship days?

The 1-4-1-4 in her birth chart imply unnecessary worries (mental) and emotional stress when young. These could have instilled some negative thoughts on her about life and opinions of others.  Look at her PY2011 chart – too many Wood making her more emotional “imbalanced” and stressful. The extra 5 makes her even more stubborn in nature.

Kristy has to learn to be less stubborn, and be more focused in what she wants to do. Doing calming exercises and meditation could benefit her. Dreaming without actions get one no where. She should take remedial action to improve her life and health. She should also try to take balanced food to minimise potential health problems like respiratory, mental, cancer and diabetes.  The potential “Double Whammy” effect may arise if she does not take action now as next year 2012 is her “Double Effect” year. The energies and influences (positive and negative) are stronger than usual because of the ‘double’ manifestation of the number vibes.

It’s up to Kristy to decide the life and health state she needs. Contrary to what many people may assume, there is no bad chart or a good chart. Family upbringing, social influence, habits, mindset and actions would influence the life path of a person.

Although you may know your life path (through your Birth chart and Personal Year charts), it’s up to you to decide what you want from your life. Should you stop to smell the roses and enjoy the sceneries along the way?  Or should you simply drive fast ahead ignoring the big pothole in front, and still expecting a smooth ride?

If you know you are “like that” and still don’t want to change, then there’s no one to blame except you. It’s all up to you to decide how you want to live your life to the fullest.

Give yourself a chance – make a change now and look forward to a positive and healthier life ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun.


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