More young drinkers having liver problems

According to this article, an increasing number of young drinkers are suffering from liver problems these days, compared to a decade ago.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) is not only about personality profiling. You also get to identify your own health’s strength and weaknesses, so that you can take remedial actions to better your health.

In the Five Elements concept, people who have strong Fire elements, in general, may be tempted to smoke and consume alcoholic drinks.  The strength of Fire can be identified from your birth chart and Personal Year charts. In addition, if there are supporting elements (like Wood) in the chart, it can further enhance and strengthen the Fire. Now, when Fire is too strong, it can exhaust or weaken the Wood. In Five Elements, the body organ associated to Wood is liver. This could imply weakening or exhausting the liver organ when Fire is too strong, or in this case, when someone consumed too much alcoholic drink or goes into a binge drinking.

Apart from liver, strong Fire may further strengthen the Earth, and these can cause unnecessary digestive and stomach-related problems including gastric and stomach ulcers.

By now, many of you may know that strong Fire can cause problems to the Metal, associated to organs like the lungs, respiratory, immune and brain. That is why many smokers suffer from lung infections. Of course, strong Fire by itself, can cause cardiovascular problems too that may resulted in heart and brain problems.

Check out Chapters 3 and 4 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details on the Five Elements, and how to identify your health symptoms and potential health problems.

So, go slow on smoking and alcoholic drinks if you can. Exercise moderation whenever possible. One extra glass of liquor can get you high. Over time, it can also create unnecessary spending of thousands of dollars in hospitalization bills, and years of suffering. It’s not worth it.

You have a life. You need your liver to live. Do think of your loved ones too while you enjoy the life you want.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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