Releasing the Disclosures in 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   May 2011 brings you a Positive and Healthy Lifestyle!

Here’s what you can expect from me this year – more DISCLOSURES.

Apart from my articles Numerological Predictive Observations 2011 and Early Sneak Peek at 2011, 2011 is also about disclosures of many kinds.

Today is the first day of 2011. Let me begin by unleashing the first disclosure.

First that comes to many people’s mind – Wikileaks. Yes, there would be more damaging disclosures by Wikileaks, online sites, newspapers, and other communication mediums; making the presidents and head of states feeling more emotional and stressful.  Of course, everyone’s knows that, especially when the fear overshadows the fact (to the root cause of the problem). To some, the events that happened could be just a coincidence. To metaphysicians, it’s more like a synchronicity of the numerical elements and influences (vibes) of the year.

2-0-1-1 in Elements of Numbers (EON) method means the following, using a quick visualisation approach:

  • 2 – Talk, gossips, expressions, communicating, telling tales, “double heads”, and sneaky.
  • 1 – Leader.  It can also imply pen, sword, writing (articles) and medical operations. 11 = “Master” of the Leaders, Presidents, Head of States, and Diplomats.

And when you add 2+0+1+1, you get the number 4 (emotions, growth)

This year, more disclosures would lead to more Leaders and Heads rolling emotionally, causing undue stress, tempers and damage control often. There may be a possibility of more people having sexual tryst while drunk, resulting in more immoral disclosures that could cause emotional stress and relationships to family members, colleagues and friends.

There are so many visualisation methods that can be applied to understanding the number combinations of 2011.

Enjoy yourself this weekend for as much as you can, but do take care of your health. Less sweet stuff (alcoholic drinks, liquor, sugar, sweets) and smoking (including drugs) would be good for your health as number 1 is also about mental stress/depression, and respiratory/lungs infection. In short, exercise moderation in your consumption for a better, positive and healthy wellbeing.

If you have not read or bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, make it the first resolution of the year – buy and read it. I have included details on the numbers and the elements. Getting and reading the book will help provide the underlying reference to the numbers and elements mentioned in many of the articles posted here.

Until my next EON disclosure (new discoveries, case studies, workshops, mobile apps), enjoy your New Year holidays!!!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. sijo says:

    hi Ron,
    I have been reading the book; must say it’s interesting. But I have got myself into a dead end when i tried calculating the following birth date: 19 Oct 1964. Looks like a mirror image but “not enough numbers” to tell from here. Can you help? Thanks

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