One 9 Too Many for Jason

Jason recently bought my book at Kinokuniya Singapore, and like many other readers, found the book interesting. Jason wanted to know more and was curious when he found he had too many number 9s in his EON birth chart.

When I first plotted Jason’s chart, I thought I could have seen it somewhere before but could not figured out where. Anyway, I did mention to Jason some of the traits and potential problems that may happen if he does not control his emotions and stress levels.

I decided to search for past articles about multiple 9s before writing this case study. True enough, I did posted one article “One 9 Too Many” that has identical birth chart as Jason’s.

Let’s look at Jason’s chart and analyse using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. There are multiple 9s and the strong presence of 1-8-9 number combinations as well. I also suggested to Jason to check out my articles on 1-8-9 as well.

The element associated to number 9 is Wood.  Using visual representation, Wood is like the trees. In Jason’s case, it may be like a forest with many trees. This could imply Jason may have face regular competition among his peers and others, in their pursuit for success.

Like a tall tree, Jason has to learn to let go of past resentment and be less stubborn and less hardheaded. Most importantly, he needs to control his emotions and tempers for a controlled and balanced healthy lifestyle.

I also took the opportunity to ask Jason about his relationship in January 2011. I was focusing on his Personal Month vibes based on the information displayed on my EON (Android) software.  Jason confirmed he had a difficult period in his relationship in January. He also claimed to be ‘bad in relationship’.

From his EON chart, I suspect it could partly be due to his strong responsibility and pursuit for excellence. Everything has to be done in the perfect vision he has created in his mind. The presence of multiple sets of number 1 in his chart also imply a strong leadership with tendency traits like being too direct, blunt, sarcastic, and self-ego.  Having said all these, it doesn’t mean Jason would have such obvious traits as it all depends on his social influence, family upbringing and life experiences.

Jason has to be extra careful this year especially his emotional state. Look at the three sets of 4s in his PY2011 chart. And when you superimposed the 4s onto the 9s in his birth chart, the Wood is TOO STRONG.  And when Wood is strong, it increases the blood pressure and temperamental mood which doesn’t do any good to his heart, lungs and mental.

Learning some relaxation exercises, meditation and spiritual pursuits may help tone down the strong emotional vibes. He needs to have a better emotional balance. Learning to be less perfect and be tolerance of other’s flaw would allow Jason to look at life and others from a different perspective.  Success is the result of many small failures, and is not mainly because of one’s only effort. Instead, it is usually the manifestation of many factors, including luck, opportunities, and network (support from other people).

What’s important and immediate is for Jason to take charge of his life, plan and take remedial action to be a better, healthier and positive person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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