Sneak Peek at EON software

Here’s another disclosure from me – the Elements of Numbers (EON) software many of you are waiting for.

The design approach I did for EON (Android) was different from the earlier Power of Numbers (PON) software developed for Dr. Oliver Tan and Numbers Academy Singapore. Users can use the EON (Android) software for personality profiling and life path analysis. During my research on EON, I noticed I could identify more signs and symptoms from the Personal Month (PM) and Personal Day (PD) information. This is useful for specific analysis. I’m glad I had added the PM and PD information into the EON software.

Being an IT enthusiast and passionate metaphysics software developer, there is a natural tendency to me to use IT gadgets to aid in my metaphysics development, research and analysis.

I met many friends at a Lunar New Year dinner gathering last night. At the dinner, “Jasmine” gave me a birth date to analyse. Using the new features available in the EON (Android) software, I could profile her friend’s character, mood, husband’s traits, health and other sensitive information within a short time. These include traits and life path signs that may happen in the Personal Year, Personal Month and Personal Day.

Below are sample screenshots from the EON (Android) software.

There was much excitement when friends saw the EON (Android) software. Some of them asked when the software would be available.  Soon…

What about EON software for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Nokia and some others?

I’m currently focusing on my EON research and EON mobile software development. Perhaps that could explained why there aren’t daily postings on my site. Is there anyone here who is willing to contribute articles from your own perspective?

Which smartphone or device OS would you like to see EON running on? Send me an email as I can compile a list for development prioritisation.

Until then, have you been practicing the EON methods that I have mentioned in my book and the articles on this site lately?

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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