Steps to Take in a Personal Year

I noticed there were users searching for Personal Year numbers. I have included the traits, behaviours, characteristics, and how the coming Year is going to affect you in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You may want to check out Page 166-175 for more information, including case studies on later pages.

If you didn’t buy my book, do so now. Grab the good opportunity while you can. Let’s walk this amazing discovery of numerological journey with me and explore the possibilities of improving ourselves.

The information provides a general guideline and does not necessary imply you will encounter everything mentioned. There can be different actions needed or symptoms that may arise at a particular year for different people, even if their Personal Year’s Root number is identical.

Let’s take the case of Personal Year 6.

The number 6 means money on the positive side.  Number 6 can also imply many other potential positive and negative signs. Check out Page 52-61 of my book for more information on the main dominant characteristics of numbers 1 to 9.

In this article, let’s focus on the number 6 as a sign for material wealth.

So, you have the Personal Year Root 6 this year. You see potential money coming. What steps are you going to take to grab the wealth opportunity when it comes?

Don’t just focus on the Root number to find out the tendency effects that may come in a personal Year. Instead, you need to understand the number combinations that resulted in number 6 being the resultant number. The Root number 6 can be due to different number combinations:

1-5-6, 2-4-6, 3-3-6, 4-2-6, 5-1-6, 6-9-6, 7-8-6, 8-7-6, and 9-6-6

Now that I have listed all nine possible number combinations of Root 6, it would now be easier for you to know what action you can take to grab the wealth opportunity.

Take 1-5-6 as an example.  In Page 25 of my book, I mentioned 1-5-6 as [Alone – Stubborn – Money].

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The 1-5-6 can also imply getting money from overseas. You may get more money if you travel overseas to work.

Let’s use 2-4-6 as another example. 4-2-6 is [Plan – Talk – Money].

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The money will rolls in once others see potential in your presentation and plans.

For a general sign of other possible number combinations (like 3-3-6, 8-7-6, and so on), do refer to Page 22-33 of my book. I will explain more in details in future workshops.

Remember, we’re only focusing on money in this article. The number 6 can imply other signs as well. For example, too many 6s can also imply greediness, money laundering, receiving kickbacks, corruptions, whistle blowing, and other unlawful means of getting money.

Take the case of this year chart where 6-6-3 comes in to everybody’s Personal Year chart. The opportunity of money coming in is high. In Singapore, the recent government’s Budget brings extra money to the citizens. There can be potential growth in shares and stocks investment. A word of caution – remember 6-6-3 [Money – Money – Fast] can also imply a roller coaster effect when it comes to money as wealth. Do exercise moderation and constraint when it comes to “sudden incoming wealth”.  Spend wisely. The beginner’s luck may help when you try it for the FIRST time, and not afterwards.

Remember, wealth is more than accumulation of money. It also includes health, knowledge, wisdom, social responsibility and happiness.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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