Tiger Woods’ Spitting Shot

It was a shot Tiger Woods wouldn’t want his supporters to remember, but it happened. Woods was at the Dubai Desert Classic competition and spat on the ground after missing a putt, according to this article.

Woods is facing his “Double Effect” vibes this year. The vibes of the 5-7-3/7-5-3 has started its effect on him. He needs to be extra careful in what he does. Woods was fined an undisclosed sum for the impolite spitting.

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We can also relate the 5-7-3/7-5-3 number combination in the areas of law and security. In my EON research, I noticed a few security officers and law enforcers do have the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 in their birth charts. Perhaps the strong ‘legal or security’ energies manifested into a positive enforcement career vibes for them.

Now, Woods must learn to control his emotions. In the article, it was reported that he “was caught on camera spitting at other times during the event and he was also heard swearing.”

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Using the elemental aspects, the 5 in 5-7-3 can “transform” and absorb the energies of Water (7) or Fire (3). Both elements would make Woods even more agitated and stressful. When we use basic key words, the 5-7-3 is like [Obstacle-Supporter-Fast]. Woods is facing obstacles trying to get his career back to please his supporters. Often, there is a tendency to take shortcuts to get it done quickly.”

Woods has to constantly remind himself with this common phrase – “slow and steady wins the race.” In the game of golf, there is no “need for speed.” He should try to restore the calmness and mental control mindset he had at the peak of his career before the transgression scandal surfaced.

Apart from possible lung and respiratory-related health issue in 2011, he also needs to exercise and take care of his legs as there are signs of possible leg injury. And yes, it would do him good too to cut down on sugary food and desert as there is a tendency urge for him to indulge into these sweet pleasures. If he doesn’t like sweet stuff and doesn’t take much high-carbohydrate food, then there’s minimal cause of worry.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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