Gambling Luck and the 6-6-3 Effects of 2011

According to this article, a woman recently lost RM240,000 at a Malaysia casino when she tried to win back the RM500 she had previously lost.

Casino owners designed their casinos to manifest the negative energies that can influence your thoughts and minds. In the Five Elements, Water is associated to movement, wavy-like patterns and the desire traits. Many casinos do have “water features” with water flowing inwards, or wavy-like structures and fixtures to manifest the negative energies and “confused thoughts” in you. When Water is too strong, it affects our emotion and mental mind. The temptation to recover the money lost and possibly to win more money is high.

You can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on the Five Elements. I have included explanations, illustrations and examples on the effects of the elemental strength and weaknesses.

The casinos are not here to let you make money. They are here to service your greed and tempt your emotions and desire to win more money.

The 6-6-3 number combinations appear in this year 2011 chart.  The 6-6-3 [Money-Money-Fast] provides a sense of moneymaking opportunities and fast incoming wealth.

The temptations to invest in stocks or shares, business start-ups, gambling and in worst scenarios, profiteering through unlawful means like money laundering, kickbacks, loan sharks, and corruptions are high. On the positive side, you can make more money. On the negative side, you lose more.

Stay focus and be clear on what you want to do. Grab the opportunity whenever possible. Take action only after you have done your homework. Prepare for Plan B should the opportunity fails. Living WITHIN your means may provide a “false sense” of financial security. Instead, you should try to LIVE BELOW your means so no matter what happens, you still have spare cash, any time.

The 6-6-3 number combination is like “fast rolling wheels” in vehicles that may cause accidents. So drive carefully. If you need to drink, don’t drive. Take public transport instead.

The 6-6-3 is “visually” associated to whistle-blowing. That’s why more people are caught this year for money laundering, corruptions and profiteering unlawfully. WikiLeaks?

The 6-6-3 could imply increased health conditions affecting the lungs, immune and respiratory, mental, and the brain. Cut down on your smoking if you’re currently a smoker. Drink less alcoholic drinks. In my 2011 forecast article, I also mentioned the possibility of emerging flu-related viruses. Click on this link to find out why health authorities are calling for the vaccination against possible H2N2 pandemic. Take up medical or health insurance plan now if you have not already done so!

The Year’s energies will affect us in one way or another. Look at your own birth chart and Personal Year chart. The degree of influences (positive and negative) depends on other elements present in the charts.

Gambling Luck, Beginner’s Luck or Lady Luck is just a pretentious phrase that gives a false sense of hope and lucky thoughts. The Luck energies don’t remain forever – there is always a starting and ending points. You should know when to stop and alight before you reach the Debtors Club.

If you have some money to spare, don’t invest on the gambling tables and make the casino owners and moneylenders happy. Don’t gamble if you can.

Invest in your own happiness instead. And share the happiness with your family members.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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