Learning beyond the Universal Year vibes

Just visit any of the sites that promote various numerology methods. You’d know the Yearly or annual vibes (also known as the Universal Year vibes) could influence and affect a person, and in many case, the environment as well causing “natural events” to take place.

The “Universal Year” vibes can influence a person. The “energy infliction” level depends on individual since everyone has different Personal Year vibes (Personal Year Root number) and resultant number combinations (in locations MNOPQR).

Take the case of this year 2011 (2+0+1+1=4). Many said this is the foundation year of hard work, discipline and planning (and organisation), and building up resources amid the frustrating, lonely and controlling one. They are correct when applying the fundamentals of the numerology systems used.

Similarly, you can also associate the number 4 to planning and foundation in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more traits associated to number 4 and other numbers.

There are times when you need to look beyond the Universal Year energies, to find out whether you can identify more ‘hidden’ or less-obvious traits that may influence a person.

I was reading the Saturday edition (9 April 2011) of “The Straits Times”, a local newspaper in Singapore. There were at least two articles on money-related exposure. In this case, it’s about missing money or misappropriation of funds. Check out this article to find out more. More people have been caught cheating or exposed for illegal money-related activities and misappropriation of funds in other countries too.

Check out my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2011” on the negative effects of money prospects in 2011. I’m able to make the observation beyond the Universal Year vibes. That’s one of the key features of EON that set its methods uniquely different from many other numerology systems commonly known.

If you have read my earlier articles, you may know the reasons how I gathered the observation. If you are new to EON or have not read my earlier articles, do take some time to read them to improve your knowledge on EON.

Take a look at the year 2011. Using EON, we can expand the numerical vibes further. The 2-2-4 [Talk-Talk-Plan] is about “talking”. They are talking about their plans. By the way, have you started taking any action to carry out your plan yet? If you did, that’s great.

Now, when we look further, the resultant number combination becomes 6-6-3 [Money-Money-Fast]. There’re many opportunities to make more money. It’s more than a surreal dream. It also implies that with money, you (think) you can carry out your plans. The 2-4-6 [Talk-Plan-Money] denotes people talking about their plans to make more money, to build up the foundation for their future. For some opportunists, the fastest way is through illegal and unlawful means, including gambling. As a result, many people are caught cheating, money-laundering and/or involved in other money-related activities. Or more people gambling away huge sum of money!

It’s so easy to co-relate what could possibly happen after you’ve learned the fundamentals of EON. You can even expand the meanings beyond [Money-Money-Fast] analogy.

Why are there more people caught for illegal or unlawful money-related activities, or misappropriation of funds have been reported? One common reason, more whistleblowers are coming out. Using the visualisation method described in my book, the number 6 is associated to the whistle. Using mental imaging, try putting that into 6-6-3 [whistle-whistle-fast] and you have more whistleblowers.

The 6-6-3 can also imply fast-moving vehicles with fiery consequences. In short, it can imply accidents involving vehicles, trains or heavy machineries. Or any transport vehicle/equipment with wheels! And when you include the fiery 3 resultant number, it could imply more accidents involving drunk driving, people caught with drunk driving, or people caught with drugs on the road.

Exciting analogies, isn’t it? You need to look beyond the Universal Year energies and vibes. Can you still absorb more analogies?

The number 6 is about security and weapons. The number 3 is about Fire and shooting. Can you associate the 6-6-3 energies to the current turmoil in the Middle East?

What about the nuclear plant disaster in Japan? What about more people suffering from heart attack caused by lungs infection or inflammation, or people suffering from breathlessness and pneumonia? Try to associate that to the Yearly 2011 energies and the 6-6-3 number combinations as well.

I know many of you are eager to learn EON from me. Using a quote from best-selling book author Stephen Covey, you have to “Begin with the End in Mind”.  Set some quality time to read my past articles. Read my book to understand the basics of EON. Once I have finalised the workshop and course details, it’d be easier for me to help you put the remaining jigsaw pieces together.

Have a healthy and positive day ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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