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I’d like to thank those who have supported my research works by buying my book. Your act of encouragement brings light and joy to me. It reinforced my views that there are many people like you who want to gain the knowledge to change your life, in an easy and affordable way.

Rest assured I will continue to do more research on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I have never felt so “connected” to the metaphysical senses of EON before. Perhaps it was due to the gradual collection of the information taught by many wonderful Masters, widening my knowledge and bringing it to a new level. Most importantly, I strongly believe it’s also mainly to the “give and receive” actions I did by sharing the information with you. “To Teach Is To Learn Twice”.

Now, I need a favour from you and hope you can help me.   All I need are quotes from you about my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. It’ll come handy as quotes in book reprints, advanced books and promotional purpose.

A little thoughts and good feelings about my research work means a lot to me. A small little action on your part is all I need from you.

Your feedback can help me improve and evolve EON beyond the fundamentals. Some of you previously mentioned my book “is interesting”. I need to know more what the interesting areas are.  I’d like to know whether you have learned and benefited from reading the book. Do indicate whether you’d like me to include your name as well.

Even if you have not bought my book, I welcome your feedback too especially on the articles I have posted. I’d like to thank those who’ve helped promote my book, the articles, and most importantly, the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology. Please continue to do your promotional part as more people can learn to improve their life and health, and live the life they want.

Please send your feedback and quotes to me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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