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I’m glad some of you have responded quickly to reserve your seats for my EON Workshop schedule announced recently. I’ve also received queries about the workshop and EON methods used.

In almost every Metaphysics science, there are formulas you can use to identify the ideal direction to receive luck, money, and better career or success. Many Chinese people rely on the Chinese Almanac to determine the good days to perform specific tasks.

Here’s the question – how do we know whether the formulas are accurate? Are there any statistical findings to prove its accuracy?

No one really knows. Not even the medical scientist who did research on specific health condition can proclaim that their medical findings are 100% accurate. The observations and conclusions are based on sampling data performed. The good thing about sampling data is that it can open the floodgate to more focused discoveries with higher accuracies. Take the case of the Wealth Directions mentioned in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You should use it as a general guideline. You need to complement it with other positive actions and thoughts. The Wealth Direction formula is subjective – it works for some, but not for others. You need to take positive steps like changing your perspectives, thoughts and actions to make it work.

Now, about the EON Workshop schedule…  As I could not confirm the classroom bookings earlier, it’s not possible to hold the workshop on 27/28 May. However, I’m told the classroom is still available on 13/14 May. If you are keen to attend the EON Workshop, please confirm within this week (latest by 24th April) so that I can start working on the EON Workshop slides.

The more I share with you my discoveries, the more new findings I have made since releasing my first book. I have mentioned symptoms and traits of potential signs of cancer, diabetes, stuttering, childbirth, miscarriage and many others in many of my articles. Now, I’d like to share with you the method to identify these symptoms in my first EON Workshop.

Like my book, I want everyone to benefit from attending the EON Workshop. You can learn, share and improve your analytical skills using the EON methods. You have read my book and digest the articles I have posted. Now is the best time to build up your knowledge by learning more insights from me. Register now unless you don’t want to learn more about improving your life!

Please help to spread the workshop schedules to others whom you think can benefit too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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