2011 Vibes and Discovery of New Species

“It’s a crazy, wild thought,” I told myself when I started adding in my intuitive observations to my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2011”. Among the many events mentioned, there’s one forecast I’ve made that was based on my wildest intuitive imagination – “There may be a discovery of a new snakelike creature in the woods, forests or swamps”.

When I read this BBC article and saw picture of the “Dalai Mountain blind lizard”, a snake-like legless lizard, I was excited. It further strengthened the strong feeling of connectedness I had with the EON metaphor. Because of this passionate connection I have with EON, I could share my discoveries and findings with you.

I was both happy and worried when I see events that I’d forecast came true. I am not an forecast expert, and I’m not Nostradamus. I only looked at the elements of the numbers in Year 2011. The heavy storms in US and in other countries, the satellite launches, and many medical breakthroughs have shown up. Could the killing of Osama bin Laden incident be related to the “military or terrorist actions in the forest”? Or could it ignite plans for “consequential military or terrorist actions in the forest in the coming months of 2011?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a mere coincidence. Or perhaps I was lucky.

But when many coincidental incidents happened, it’s worth examining even from an unscientific perspective. We need to look at the elemental forces and numerical vibes manifested in that year. It’s all about correlativity and synchronicity.

I am supposed to conduct an “Initiation EON Workshop” this weekend (13-14 May) for beginners and advanced users, but had to postpone it. I was disappointed. I had time to rethink, and decided to target the workshop to a different group. There’d be an “Empowerment EON Workshop” on 25 June 2011 (Saturday) designed for existing PON users. The date and class is confirmed. Now, I have to add a new slide on this “Dali Mountain blind lizard” and explain to you at the workshop on how I’d interpreted it.

Why are some people more creative, imaginative or intuitive? Why do some people have “sixth sense”, high intuitive level, or “spiritual senses” (those that “can see” or “can feel” type)? Some of you have these senses inborn (in your Birth chart) while others can only “sense the feeling” when the sensual vibes come in through their Personal Year, Personal Month or Personal Day periods.

My findings are not “conclusive” currently. It’s a little too early to share the findings here as it may create unnecessary misinterpretations and assumptions. Instead, I’ll share my findings at the workshop as I can clarify any wrong assumptions made immediately.

If you are from overseas (i.e., outside Singapore), I’ve not forgotten about you. You can buy my book from online bookstores. Click the “Buy the Book now!” link on the right panel of the page for a list of online stores in your country or nearest to your country. Accelerate your EON learning by reading up on the fundamentals explained in my book.

If you’re in Singapore, I assure you that it’d be worth the time and effort to come and attend the 1-day (Saturday) workshop.

“You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow”. – Harriet Martineau

And now a “friendly” reminder – I did mention there may be a possibility of gaseous outbreak that may affect your health condition. Could the “radioactive” outbreak in the Nuclear incident in Japan (which is around the North direction of Singapore) be a sign? Although there could be potential moneymaking opportunities this year, don’t gamble your wealth away to the wrong organisation. Use the money and get yourself medically insured for your own health’s sake.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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