What “They” Don’t Want You To Know


Don’t get me wrong. When I mentioned you shouldn’t be drinking if there are presence of strong FIRE in your chart, it doesn’t mean you should stop taking alcoholic drinks. Go Ahead and Drink. But drink moderately. Recent medical tests have shown there are good effects if you consume alcoholic drinks moderately. Like the food you indulged in, you need to eat it in moderation. Otherwise, it could cause stomach indigestion. For alcoholic addiction, it could worsen the liver and trigger other cardiovascular health conditions.

The “moderation” analogy cannot be applied to smoking. It’s either you smoke or you don’t smoke. If you want your lungs to be affected, go ahead and smoke but do it in your own private space. Don’t let others become passive smokers by inhaling the “unfiltered” smoke. And if you want a healthier life, then don’t smoke, period.

Apart from knowing your own life path, characteristics and traits, it is equally important to take care of your own health. A “sound mind in a healthy body” would provide a longer and better-quality, holistically healthier life. Taking medicine and prescribed medication and drugs does not cure you from your sickness.

I mentioned this book “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You” by Dr Ray D. Strand, M.D. (ISBN: 983-2349-80-X and 978-983-2349-80-8) in an earlier article. Get to know the essential information to help recharge and revitalise the nutrient energies in your body, for a better and healthier life. Go ahead and read it.

Last week, I was at a local bookstore and chanced on this book “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About” by Kevin Trudeau (ISBN: 978-0-9755995-9-4 and 0-9755995-9-3). There’re natural cures and nutritional supplements that can help improve your body and health without medication.

Many doctors trained in western medicine would quickly debunk these all-natural remedies and nutritional supplements as “snake oil” concoctions as they’re worried it’d threaten their “money-spinning” businesses. Read the book and you’ll find out “what they don’t want you to know about“.

Some doctors are not practising what they preached. I still see doctors smoking when they are the “certified medical experts” on healthcare. Gosh, whom should we trust? I still “smell” doctor’s bad breadth even after following visits. If junk food, and fried or oily food are bad for health, why are doctors still eating them? And the irony – I know doctors do take nutritional supplements or alternative medicinal products not approved by USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So why aren’t these doctors practising what they are preaching? Could they know something that they don’t want you to know? I know many doctors who read this article would get mad. Don’t we deserve to know about alternative medicine that can cure our sickness and improve our health?

Could MONEY be the compelling reason?

I’d like to thank all users who have bought my book. Money was not the motivating reason to inspire me to write the book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I could have advertised in newspapers and conduct expensive courses. The royalties I’ve earned from the book does not cover the self-publishing and continual research cost. But it helped me achieved my purpose – to share my EON knowledge and experiences to you through a fast and affordable method.

If your life has improved since you’ve learned the “Elements of Numbers” (EON) method, don’t ever let the thought of money rules you. Money is important BUT it’s not the “end all” to financial freedom and happier life. It should not be the “greed” motivator to drive you nearer to your goal.

Once you have attained success, always make a conscientious effort to settle your contractual debts and payments promptly. You can be a successful or “wealthy” person now but as long as you still owe others money (you can afford to pay back but don’t intend to because of your greed), there’s karmic consequences.

Know your health conditions and learn about nutritional supplements. You can then live the life you want, and be a “financial-free”, happier and healthier person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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