EON and the Combined Day Chart

“It is a good and easy book to understand. Tried quite a few scenarios and profiling and it was spot on. Good for anybody who want to have an understanding of themselves and their destiny.” That’s what John said about my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and easy Character Profiling.”

John was a quick learner. He bought my book recently and managed to grasp the key points to the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

John plotted the Birth chart, Day Chart, and Combined Day Chart for Ms Wendi Deng Murdoch, and sent me his observations of the day her husband Rupert Murdoch was “attacked”.

Here’s what he’s observed:

Woman rules the day
Alone – Alone
Murdoch and son in the meeting
3 -3
Fast -Fast
Attacker very aggressive
Alone – Talk
Mr & Mrs Murdoch involved
O -P
Talk – Fast
Mrs Murdoch Aggressive

The observations were short and simple, with “interesting” explanations. John’s managed to provide the key points to support his observations. He has adopted a creative way of analysing, which is both refreshing and effective. I told John there are so many ways to analyse. There is no single way to analyse an event, and there is no right or wrong analysis.

Look at Wendi’s charts. If you can follow how John made his observations, you’re on the right track. Otherwise, I’d suggest you read my book again in case you may have overlooked some sections or misinterpret the meanings of some numbers.

[Note for EON Workshop users: Think creatively. Look at the Combined Day Chart and try identifying the “husband” element. Then look at the surrounding numbers. Using Visualisation approach, the 1-1 is like the prison bars, or in this case, hearings in the courtroom. Root 2 is a day of communication or expression. There are sign suggesting fast actions (3-3-6). ]

When you plot the Combined Day chart of a person, it can show some clues to the possible events that may happen. As an example, look at the Root number in the Combined Day Chart. The Number 2 is also about talking (communication, expression) and gossiping. Wendi has “expressed” and communicated well through her actions. The journalists and media had a busy time reporting and gossiping about her after the incident.

John’s email soon sparked my curiosity about how I could use another example to highlight the benefits of knowing the Day and Combined Day charts.

The double disaster on Friday (22 July 2011) in Norway is still on everybody’s mind. No one had expected the bombing and shooting incidents to happen. Check out this article report for more information on the incidents.

Let’s look at the Day Chart. The Root 6 is also about security, firearms and weapons. The 2-4-6 [Talk-Plan-Security] is about expression, planning, and the actions of bombing and shooting. Look at the Combined Day Chart – there are three sets of number 6!!!

It is not easy to predict future events. There are different meanings and interpretations on the individual numbers and elements. It could a tedious task to think creatively on possible scenarios. It’s also easy to correlate “logical facts” to incidents that’d happened to make our findings more relevant.

Knowing the Day Chart and the Combined Day Chart is not only about predicting what a future date may mean to us. Do not be too obsessed about getting the facts right 100% every time as it could lead to unnecessary maniac mental health conditions. Let’s not be “crazy busy.” Instead, use the Combined Day chart as a general sign of what you can do to improve your life.

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of EON first if you want a life-changing method to know yourself better, and that could improve your life. Apply the techniques mentioned in my book and the articles posted here; and the advanced theories taught at EON Workshops

Always remember to identify the “Issues and Focus” on what you got to do to improve your life, and take charge to do it.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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