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Many students have attended Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery Level courses. Many of these Mastery Level students can now profile a person easily and fast. Once they’ve build up their experiences, the urge to know more techniques to help in their personality and character profiling grew stronger. The feelings of disappointment soon increased. As a result, many became frustrated and put aside the good numerological theories behind. The time, effort and money spent on “self-discovery” were not fully “utilised”.

Fortunately, many saw the opportunity when it came. Many bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to know more about the extended methods. On 25 June 2011, some of you took effort to attend my 1st EON Workshop, and learned advanced techniques that “widened your perspectives” on this unique metaphysical science and power of numbers.

One of the techniques I’ve shared with the workshop participants is to identify the Street Smart and Book Smart elements.

It is possible to identify the street smart or book smart traits through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I started researching on both traits early last year when an overseas FengShui professional and coursemate asked me if I could use EON to check on the academic vibes of her children. That triggered months of research and the journey of elemental discoveries. I’m glad I have found a method to do so.

Some lucky people have inborn street smart abilities at a young age, while others are book smart. Then there are those “super luckier” ones who have both street smart and book smart traits in their Birth charts.

Street Smarts (including street wise people) usually learn by concepts while Book Smarts (including exam smarts) usually learn by heart.

If the Book Smart traits are present at the early stage of a person’s birth chart, they do have an early head start in their academic pursuits. The ability to study (skill) and the likelihood of passing exams with good grades are possible. However, if a person with book smart traits present in their chart but yet failed badly in their school examinations, then we need to look at the surrounding elements. There could be “unfavourable” elements that control, weaken or exhaust the book smart element.

In addition, the number 5 (if present and only if it’s not associated to the book smart element) could impose restrictions and controls on the person since it’s associated to obstacle or stubbornness. However, the number 5 does provide important usability if you’re aware of its purpose, based on advanced EON methods. I will explain the advanced applications of maximising the number 5 in a separate article.

Street smart people have the capacity for resourcefulness and knowledge building. Their intuitive, quick-witted mind allows them to “think and work smart” in their later years. That is the reason some street smart people failed badly in their school examinations when they’re young but became successful later in their career and life.

Supplementary note for EON participants – look at Bill Gates’ chart. There is no “book smart” trait in his younger years.  But the “street smart” traits are there in his later years. In addition, the “street smart” trait is always present in his inner self conscious mind.

There are many ways to manifest and strengthen the “street smart” and “book smart” elements once you have identified them. Besides Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), Chinese metaphysics experts and enthusiasts now have an alternative and quicker method to identify the “academic trait” of a young person using the Elements of Numbers method.

For example, it’d be easier for FengShui practitioners and enthusiasts to use “fengshui cures” to activate the “Academic” sector to manifest on the positive energies that are helpful to the schooling kids.

Both street smarts and book smarts do have their positive and negative characteristics. A book smart-only person with good qualifications can have an “easier passport” to career with higher responsibilities and salary. Often, a street smart-only person may have to work a little harder to climb up the corporate ladder.  Eventually, it doesn’t matter whether a person is street smart or book smart, or both what’s important is to instil the good and positive character building in them. Material wealth and status would have a transient effect once you understand your true purpose in this life.

Remember, even if you don’t have the street smart or book smart trait in your chart, it can be present in your Personal Year, Personal Month and Personal Day charts. Luck and opportunity comes when you manifest the energies at the right moment.

I have provided useful information in my book and on this site. As Confucius once said: “Knowledge without Practice is Useless. Practice without Knowledge is Dangerous.”

Go on and practice the EON methods and apply the theories to your analysis. Learn to build up the knowledge, experience and confidence. You can then take charge of your own life and become the person whom you always wanted to be.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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