Fiona Xie and Spiritual Encounters

According to this online article, former MediaCorp artiste Fiona Xie has a 65% chance of meeting a ghost during the 7th Lunar month (31 July 2011 – 28 Aug 2011). Check this Wikipedia link for more information on the 7th Lunar month.

Grandmaster Tan, who’s a well-known Feng Shui practitioner in Singapore, made the observation. I was at first curious when I read the article. But the disappointment soon came.

How did he conclude that Fiona would have a 65% chance of spiritual encounters? Why 65%, and not 10% or 99.99%? Does he have the solution to adjust the energy levels and change it from 65% to 6.5%? Maybe he has the solution…

It’s all in the mind and perception….

It’s an inappropriate way to make use of the online media sites to garner awareness and publicity of his unique abilities. Is it a promotional article to get Fiona and others to seek his services, as he could presumably help them reduce (or eliminate) the possibility of spiritual encounters? He should have mentioned “common remedies” in the article that could help reduce the percentage or possibilities of an encounter.  A non-bias observation with possible solutions or “reduction workarounds” would strengthen the respect of the person making the remarks.

With overhype sensational news provided by the media these days, it’s not possible for us to know the truth whether the information is correct or complete when it’s published from an external site.

With due respect, GrandMaster Tan may have good intentions. He could be interviewed by the media for his opinions. His message may be incomplete or misinterpreted. He may have provided the essential information. The media could have edited it for sensational purpose; perhaps to invoke fear, and to increase readership view counts.

Let’s put aside the debate whether ghosts or multidimensional lives do exist in this living world. They are “around” everywhere, every day and night, and not just during the 7th Lunar month.

At the recent EON Workshop in June, I’ve explained the tendency patterns related to “spiritual senses”. Some people could have strong innate senses, while others may have felt them intermittently at certain periods of their lives. However, the strong feelings mainly depend on many other factors, including social lifestyle, family upbringing, and environment conditions. The beliefs and mindset of the person is important – they can either feel the fear, or simply ignore their existence. If you don’t believe in their existence, that’s great as you have one less fear to worry about!

Are we able to identify if Fiona and other celebrities has strong spiritual senses in their Birth, Personal Year or Month charts, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method?

Even if they do have strong spiritual senses, it doesn’t always imply they will meet a ghost during the 7th Lunar month. It’s all in the mental mind.

You can pay a Feng Shui practitioner to do some “Feng Shui cleansing” in your house. You can pay a “ghost buster” or paranormal professional; or get a religious master to do “spiritual cleansing” in your house. Or you can buy expensive, blessed protection ornaments to carry with you. For a start, you could be wasting your money if your mind is not “cleared” of the negative feelings within you. Your spiritual encounters can be anywhere outside your house. Calming your thoughts would increase the success rate of overcoming the fear.

I know it’s “easier said than done.” But you got to build up the Qi energies within you to strengthen your thoughts for a healthier, holistic mind.  Sometimes, talking to other people with strong innate spiritual senses and learned how they deal with the situation may help.

Meditation, religious beliefs, prayers and blessings, and having a clear conscience are some of the actions you can do to calm the thoughts and unnecessary worries.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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