The Adapt-Ability 5

I received an email from Joseph who attended my 1st EON Workshop. He was concerned about his career, after learning the technique to identify the Career element to gauge the career vibration level. He mentioned the 5 was giving him lot of obstacles when I told him to control his emotions and learn to relax. I also told him next year’s energies would be great for him since 1-5-6 may bring possible monetary wealth from overseas.

I know many Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery students would similarly relate the number 5’s traits as such – stubborn, obstacles, challenges, and risk. I’ve described the basic theories of PON in my basic book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I have also used the same keyword to associate the trait of the number 5 in a person’s Birth chart.

As I relentlessly stepped into the wonderful journey of elemental discoveries, I realise there is more to “obstacle” and “stubborn” trait for number 5. These are just basic meanings, just like learning “A is Apple, and B is Boy” when we’re young. When you learn advanced EON techniques, your vocabulary improves and you’ll learn that “A is Adapt-Ability, and B is Believes”. I thought it’d be a good opportunity for me to share my views with all. You will benefit only when you realise that “you are what you think, and become what you believe”.

Your life is what you visualise and say. When you visualise the number 5 as a stubborn trait with stumbling block vibes, you relate them to having a hard-life trait where you need to take risk and face challenges before you can see some results.

As your knowledge improves, you’d find the traits associated to number 5 is limiting. You should put aside the outer-self mindset about the number 5. Instead, you could relook at the number 5 from your inner-self perspective.

The number 5 is like a wildcard or like a joker in a poker card game. It’s adaptable and flexible. Take note of its adapt-ability and capacity to change the energies you need. Treat the number 5 like a remote control. Press any number (to adapt to other number traits) or switch it off (to resume the default traits of 5). Use the volume control knob or slider to adjust the energies and vibes.

Let’s look at the number 5 vibes in Stevie Wonder’s birth chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. More details on Wonder’s life can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Focus on the number combinations 4515. In basic method, it means [Plan-Obstacle-Alone-Obstacle]. No matter how much you plan, you will face obstacles and be lonely. The tendency signs in the early age (before 20-yrs old) of Wonder’s chart simply implied that.

If Wonder were to let Fate decide on his Destiny, we’d not know who “Stevie Wonder” is today.

Fortunately, Wonder took charge of his Fate by adapting his Destiny. He played the wildcard well, in his favour. He believed in his inner-self and changed (transformed) the negative energies that were obvious in the 4-5-1-5 combinations.

He manifested the hidden energies and quietly transformed it into a successful and wealthy vibes for him. He became successful at a young age.

“How is this possible?”

I’ve shared my discoveries at the 1st EON Workshop. I’ve taught the participants how to identify the hidden energies, and to “read beneath the underlying surface of the numbers.” Once you are aware of the techniques, you can optimize the hidden energies (especially when it’s positive and favourable) to your advantage. Stevie Wonders did it, knowingly or unknowingly. And it transformed his life earlier. I believe you can improve your life too once you are willing to change your perspective in the way you see and analyse things. The visualisation techniques in EON may help bring you closer to the change you wanted.

“I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.” –  Brad Pitt

I know this may sounds profound. Put aside the outer-self mindset and embrace the power of the inner-self perspective. Use the 5 to take control of what you need and decide on the life you want. Don’t always have the limited mindset that number 5 is all about risk, challenges, obstacles and stubbornness.

Open your minds and maximise the power of visualisation. What you think, you will attract. It’s nobody’s fault but yours whether it’s success or failure that comes to you. You got to expand your options. Think the number 5 as a wildcard and let it manifest the energies you need. Think for yourself – and get going.

Whether the glass of water is half-full or half-empty depends on your vision and your mind. Be a lifelong learner and take the opportunity to learn and change. Regain the sense of being in control and live the life you want.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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