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Kassim visited Singapore recently and bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Kassim, who is from Indonesia, wrote that he could understand the numbers better after reading my book, even though he knew the Power of Numbers (PON) method. I’m glad Kassim has found an easier way to learn about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. It helped increase his knowledge beyond PON.

Kassim provided me with two birth dates and asked whether their destiny would be similar as the numbers in certain locations (MNOPQR) are identical. He asked “Could their career destiny in top government position be similar?”

Kassim’s questions highlighted the advantage of using EON to adopt an “out-of-the-box” analytical approach. Those who’d attended my 1st EON Workshop would know there are many ways to analyse a chart beyond the PON basic and mastery levels.

I told Kassim that we need to look at the person’s health and their social influences as these could influence their mindset and actions. Even if both people have similar “career destiny”, their experiences could be different. It’s like two different people driving similar car model along the same road towards the same destination. They have different driving attitudes and style. One of them drives “fast and furiously”; the other prefers to drive cautiously. One person is charismatic while the other person is diplomatic. Their health’s problems may be different because of their mindsets, social factors, and actions

In summary, even though the numbers in locations MR are identical, both can have different experience when they reach their destiny gate.

Let’s take a look at the two birth charts.

In basic PON method, 6-9-6 could imply [money-success-money]. But when you use the extended theories in EON, there are different meanings we can associate them with. These include health problems, security and safety issues, financial business handlings, and so on. When certain elements are present in their Personal Year charts, the temptations of money may be high, and could lead to corruptions and money laundering.

You need to know what issue you’re want to look at, and then focus on identifying the tendency signs.


OK, let’s have some exercises for your left and right brains – try to match the below traits to the person.

While one person talk about money and spent them unnecessary, the other would prefer to spend only when necessary. While one person usually plans what to talk, the other person preferred to talk about the plans. One of them usually adopts a communicative (strategic) approach while the other preferred an action-driven (tactical) method.

They may face many challenges and risks ahead, and must learn to be adaptable. One of them could reach his career goal faster than the other, probably through networking while the other has to overcome regular stumbling blocks.

Both can achieve success as long as moral and ethical values are consciously in control. With extra 6 in the Personal Year chart, it could create a “blinded by money” influence on the 6-9-6. This could affect the person’s career and family. Check the case study included in my book on how too many 6 in a person’s Birth and Personal Year charts can affect their “material” mindset.

Oh, try checking out my earlier article “Beware the Shootout Number” as well.

Both of them must take care of their health and avoid indulging in excessive sugary food – sweet stuff, alcohol, potatoes, carbohydrates, or any food that could increase the blood sugar level. At the extreme end, it could possibly lead to diabetes.

If you can make it for the 2nd EON Workshop session on 24 Sep 2011 (Sat), it’s going to be an exciting session. I’d be sharing more health signs (like diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer) and extended traits (like spiritual senses, street smart, career vibes, and spouse). These techniques would provide you with the capacity to look at a person’s birth chart with an extended perspective.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. kaisar says:

    dear ron, i am still waiting you article about my question, i have one more question, whats the different between 1-2-3 or 2-1-3? thanks

  2. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Will reply via article…

  3. kaisar says:

    dear ron, I have several question regarding the article above:
    1. I want to know which person has career faster?
    2. 2-1-3 is problem for career?
    2. for personal year analysis, when is the analysis starting? birthday or new year, thanks

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