Financial Crisis and Silver Linings

It’s a volatile financial market out there.  The financial legislators could do more to stabilise the current economic uncertainty. It’s causing a domino effect on the financial economies of other countries, with the impending threat of a technical recession. The lack of focuses, bundled with the distractions of WikiLeak information leaks, sexual scandals, riots, corruptions, debt-ridden, money laundering, and mismanagement – these somehow distracted the governing bodies from the real issue that’s facing everyone. There is a real need for them to act diligently and responsibly to save their own economy instead of relying on other countries to save the financial world.

The counters at the stock markets are moving up and down the hilly slopes more than usual times. The bulls and bears are fighting out, stressing themselves unnecessary. Investors and opportunists are manipulating the stocks to their own benefits and potential rewards. Oil prices, food prices, and prices of other commodities have risen at worrying levels. Everything is rising northwards causing our financial spending to go southwards.

Could these be a sign of impending stock market clash or technical recession for some countries?

John sent me an email of his analysis and mentioned there could be a financial crisis like the one happening in 1929.

The impact may be felt on or around 11/11/2011 and 20/11/2011.  Let’s look at the charts and check on John’s observation:

 Stressful day
4 – 4
Plan – Plan
4-4-8 Over stress with plans
3 =3
Fast -Fast
3-3-6  Money will come and go fast
4 -8
Plan – Stress
4-8-3 Plans always get disrupted
O -P
8 -3
Stress – Fast
8-3 Very busy things moving fast
Please note take there are two sets of 6-6-3 and one 3-3-6. It talks about money, money going fast.

I can’t say much whether a financial crisis is impending since I’m not a financial expert, and you don’t have to believe me. Get professional advice from your financial consultant or investment advisers – they can give you better sound advice than me.

If you want to know my personal views, then read on. Analyse the tendency signs and use it as a reference to help you understand the elemental influences of the numbers better.

The tendency signs are already present with the debt-ridden issues faced by the Western and European countries.  It’s better to err on the cautious side – protect and safeguard your investment and money while you can now. The Yearly influence (6-6-3) of roller coaster-like moneymaking prospects may force out the greedy trait of many people, oblivious to the negative signs that are already happening.

There are signs of massive movement causing turmoil in the financial sector. It could worsen as early as mid-October (with November possibly being the worst-hit month). The signs in both charts show possible separation of money, investment, and possibly corporate write-offs – a possible financial crisis just as what John has noted.

There could be increasing tension and frustration among investors hit by the crisis, with unreasonable demand for compensation. From my observations, the crisis would not be as bad in Singapore due to quick action done by the financial stakeholders and legislators to control the situation. The phrase “Every dark cloud has a silver lining” may have inspired opportunist to look at materialistic opportunities during the crisis, possibly making more money than usual.

The recession the world experienced in 2009 could be similar in statistical patterns to the “Great Depression” in 1929. This means the effects of a severe financial crisis (i.e., global stock market crash) this year may not be as severe as the one we felt in 2009.

A financial crisis is still a crisis and could affect us in one way or another. Some people may lose their money, properties, careers, health, and even lives. You still have to be prudent over your finances, stocks, and investments should you want to survive the current crisis. The next “major” crisis could possibly be in a few years later.


Let’s hope the observations are wrong.  But I’m naturally worried. The Yearly signs of 2012 (2+0+1+2=5) are all about MOVEMENT, LEADERSHIP, AND CHANGE. It’s the signs of reconstruction, rebuilding, reinforcement, redefine, reaffirmation, and restart – something you cannot simply ignore.

So, the ideal case is to confront your fears by preparing a backup plan while you chase your silver lining during the crisis.  Should the crisis happen, you’ll not be at your worst state if you take precaution now. You can then “Feel the Fear, Experience the Success.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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