Finding the Blessed Numbers

Charlie texted (SMS) me last week, asking which set of numbers is the luckiest one.  He has gone to the temple early that morning to light a lamp for blessing. Each lamp comes with a set of 4-digit numbers, normally for identification. Charlie was wondering which lamp to light up, and provided me with the following numbers marked on the lamps: 7646, 8817, and 1288.

When I first read the message, the feeling was somewhat “surprising.” To me, the energy vibes of every lamp in the temple are positively strong and blessed, and the set of numbers marked on the lamps has no significance on the blessed energies manifested, other than for easier identification.  There is no need to pick a lamp with a particular set of numbers. The key importance is the inner-self feelings (of the heart, instinct, and intuition) when selecting a lamp.

I know some of you may have different opinion. That’s normal. Choosing a lamp for blessing is unlike choosing a good-sounding house number for Feng Shui reasons. The manifested energies vibrate for different purposes.

I replied to Charlie and told him my observations. Should he “insisted” on me selecting the ideal set of numbers, it would be the 7646.

So, what’s with 7646?

In basic terms, 7646 is about [Supporter-Money-Plan-Money]. To put it bluntly, it’s about others giving you money (supporting your ideologies where you can come up with a wonderful plan). Once you carry out your plans well, the monetary rewards will come.

Isn’t that great?

7646 can mean different meanings to different people. When we talked about a blessed numbers, we have to look beyond the basic meanings associated to the numbers. 7646 can also imply [Family-Home-Plan-Stability]. This means that to ensure his home and family is well-taken care of (stability), Charlie has to plan his career and lifestyle actions to make sure it happened the way he wants. The 7646 energies would give him the blessing he needs as long as he is willing to face the challenges and overcome obstacles that come along the way.

Every single number has different meanings associated to it. Even when you restrict your views within the traits, characteristics, and elemental influences of each number, there are still many possibilities you can think of, when forming a series of meanings associated to the numbers.

I’ve shared the visualisation techniques and used life images to associate its elements and the numbers at the recent 2nd EON Workshop held last Saturday (24 Sep). I’ve also shared the techniques to identify hidden patterns in a series of numbers to the participants. If you did not attend the EON Workshop, just remember that you need to expand the traits of each number beyond the basics. Let out the creative juice on interpreting the meanings of the numbers based on your own experiences and observations.

Different people would interpret a series of numbers differently, depending on their foundation and basis. For example, 1288 could have a good-sounding prosperity phrase in some Chinese languages or metaphysics system. Who knows, 1288 could also imply a lonely person trying to communicate endlessly to others, and stressing themselves unnecessary. In basic meaning, 1288 is about [Alone-Talk-Stress-Stress].

Finding a blessed number is not easy. The blessings you give should come from your sincere thoughts and heart, and not be for a different purpose – based on a series of numbers.

Continue to bless others regularly with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun





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