Careers and Colours of the Mind

David attended the 2nd EON Workshop and learned the extended techniques of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. David wanted to know if the Metal element is in the “POWER” sector, should the person be working in a Metal-related industry.

I’ve shared the techniques to look at the “Career element” from a person’s birth chart. If you’ve not attended the EON workshop, it’s normal if you cannot grasp the extended principles mentioned in this article. I did not included the extended theories in my first book as it’s focused more on introducing the basic theories of EON.

The “types of suitable career” and “Career Elements” are two separate issues. You should interpret them differently. Perhaps, it’s easier for me to use an analogy of a book to explain the differences. The “types of suitable career” is like the “genres” (e.g., fiction, self-help, romance), while the “Career elements” is like the “publisher” of the book.

The “types of suitable career” described on Page 145 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” provides a general reference of the working career for a person, based on their Birth chart.

For example, if the person has Root number 1 or 6 (Metal), the types of suitable career can be in the industries related to the Fire, Water, or Metal elements. The “type of careers” table included in my book is NOT an indication that a Metal person must work in that career if they wish to achieve the optimal energy levels. For example, an experienced doctor working in the “wrong career” based on the “Career and Business” table on Page 145 need not worry too much. Their knowledge and experiences would strengthen the skill needed for them to be a professional doctor. They could use other methods to harmonise the good energies. For example, the  “unhealthy” doctors could just do that by changing to positive mindsets, quitting the smoking habits, have enough sleep, and taking healthier food.

On the other hand, the “Career element” provides an easy and direct way to identify the elemental vibes in a Personal Year chart (PY). If the “Career element” is present in a person’s PY chart, there is a tendency sign the vibes may influence or affect the person. At the two workshops, I’ve shared with the class the various scenarios that may happen, like possible retrenchment, promotions, and resignations.

If you are working in a “wrong” career environment according to the suggested table, do not worry too much unnecessary. You can still check the vibes of your current career status by focusing on the Career element in your PY chart.

If the tendency signs are bad, take effort to do preventive actions early to reduce any major impact on your career. These could include upgrading your skills, improving your people-management communicative skills, or changing your working attitudes.


David also asked whether it is good to use colours to strengthen or manifest the career vibes. COLOURS do influence us somehow. That is why you may feel different when wearing different colour clothes. Some of you may prefer bright colours while others like wearing black-and-white clothes. The light reflect on the material could manifest the energy levels of the colour spectrum. Here’s an analogy of a room painted with RED colours on all walls – some people may feel enlightened when they walked in the room, while others would feel uneasy and choked.

We can use colours as enhancers but the reflected energies are subtle. What’s important and more effective way to harmonise the energies is to change your perspectives and mindset. I’d not suggest using colours on fixed structures (like painting certain colours on the wall, or having floor tiles or cars of certain colours) as it’s costly to change them when the need arises. In case you’ve forgotten, the energies coming in from the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day elements, including the Universal elements do change regularly. Changing the colours of such fixtures is just too stressing, and unnecessary.

I used to buy clothes of certain colours based on the favourable elements when I first started learning metaphysics. But as I learned to change my mindset and increase the positive energies within me, nowadays I’d buy clothes based on the designs, cuttings, and material (and price!) that appeal to me, without considering whether the colour is “favourable” or not.

Colours do lighten up our thoughts. It could inspire us to complete our tasks. It could provide spiritual, intuitive, and calming thoughts. Yes, you can use colours if you insist on doing so, but don’t let the obsession of using colours control your mind and emotions.

Positive manifestation is not only about using the correct,  favourable colours. The food, thoughts, mindsets, and actions you take do play a major role if you want to ensure you have a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle tomorrow.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun





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