Extra Bits on 843 and 279 Vibes

Esther remarked the 8-4-3 number combination present in the late Muammar Gaddafi’s Personal Year 2011 (PY2011) chart was “shocking and scarily true.”

For many people who’d attended the Power of Numbers (PON) courses or similar courses conducted by others, the 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) is just about divorce, quarrels, and strained relationships with loved ones.

Esther’s comment was with reasons – she’d attended my EON Workshop and used the techniques I’ve shared with the class on the extended effects of 843 or 483, beyond the PON theories. Occasionally, strong presence of 843 and 483 number combinations could attract negative energies, and often, this could lead to harmful results, including fatal attractions on extreme cases when there are additional numbers present.

Wait a minute!!! When you see the 843 (or 483) present in a Birth chart or Personal Year chart, you SHOULD NOT think it’s about death. Having such simplistic and childish thoughts are harmful. Many of you may not be around reading this article if 8-4-3 is about death as such number combinations (including partial combinations) can appear in your Birth and Personal Year charts.

Let me repeat… don’t hastily assumed that 843 is a “death” number pattern. Such unfounded thoughts should be erased forever from the mental knowledgebase in your mind. The effects (positive and negative) of a number are influenced by the energies manifested from other surrounding numbers present in the chart. The effects you experienced are caused by your thoughts and the actions you took previously. Your thoughts could have subconsciously or unconsciously been formulated by your family upbringing, social lifestyle, habits, views, adaptabilities, and your willingness and capacities to make positive changes.

Why not come and attend next month’s 3rd EON workshop, which would be the last workshop for 2011? I’ll explain the extended effects of 843, and other number patterns that could manifest other negative energies that you may not be aware of. By knowing the effects of the negative energies, you’d then be able to take preventive measures while you continue to focus on your life goals. Like the tag line I’ve often used, you got to”Feel the Fear. Experience the Success” if you want to make a positive impact on your life.


The current flooding in Thailand affected many people, their homes, and lives. This morning, I was reading the local newspaper “The Straits Times” article about Thailand’s PM Yingluck Shinawatra. The article reported that she has failed to inspire the people amid the flood crisis that threatens to undermine Thailand’s economy.

That reminded me of an article I’ve posted earlier, Beware the Shootout Number where I’ve mentioned the need for her to be careful around the October to November periods. Could it imply a stability vibes instead of possible shootout?

The number 6 does not only imply money, shoot-outs, weapons, and security. It’s also about stability – homes and family to the layperson; and financial and economic stability to the politicians. PM Yingluck has to take measured steps to avoid aggravating the unhappiness many Thai people are feeling, including those staying at areas badly affected by the floods. Many could have voted for her partly because of her brother Thaksin. It’s now up to her to deliver her promises to the people that she can do a better job than her predecessor.


David asked “if the couple has a combined chart showing 279/729, does it mean there is an external admirer? Could they be together, or should they go separate ways?”

When analysing a chart, you cannot simply look at the numbers or its combinations present in the chart. If the combined chart shows a 279/729 patterns, it could imply both parties are feeling the romancing vibes when they are together. Perhaps both could portray the sensual vibes or charismatic appeal when together, like what many celebrity couples did in public when they’re madly in love.

If you want to look for secret admirers or external affairs, then you need to look at the person’s Birth and Personal Year charts. Whether they stay together in future as husband and wife depends on other contributing reasons. You may want to look at their individual charts to find out the possible trends showing positive and negative traits on the affairs of the heart.

The effects of 279/729 are mainly about affairs of the heart – the internal and external affairs, the romancing stars that could bring two people to discover their physical and inner bonding “up close and personal”. Do check on Page 206 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I’ve included explanations on 279/729, 843/483, and other numbers that could manifest both positive and negative romancing energies.

We don’t decide whether two people can be together. Their fates as loving couples, friends, or enemies are in their hands, thoughts, and actions. Many people may embrace the popular phrases, “Love Is a ManySplendored Thing” and “Love is blind”. Whatever “Love” is, tolerance and accepting other’s flaws and habits are equally important. The beautiful flowers you see today are the result of positive seeds planted, and caring actions of constant love and nurturing.

It’s exercise time now – plot Sir Paul McCartney’s birthdate, and his recent wedding day on 9 Oct 2011. Then plot a “Combined Day Chart”. Can you see the presence of 729 and 279 on the combined chart? The loving and romancing vibes on the wedding day was a memorable and sensuous one for McCartney, and his bride.


I’ll be conducting the 3rd EON Workshop on 26 Nov 2011. It’d be the last workshop for the year.  I look forward to share more discoveries and techniques with you on that day. You’ll discover the session is not about personality profiling which you can learn from my book. Instead, the learning experience is all about knowing what you can change to improve your well-being and lifestyle, including others.

How you are going to change your life tomorrow depends on the thoughts and actions you can take now, and the seeds you want to plant today.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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