I Am Number 7. Or Am I Number 4?

Mike attended the 2nd EON Workshop recently and sent a complimentary email thanking me for sharing my knowledge and techniques to the class.

Mike commented that my Root number could be 4 or 7; and likelihood I could be number 7 because of the entrepreneur passion shown during my presentation.

So, am I number 4 or 7 then?

Let’s assumed I am number 7, as Mike said. The numbers in locations MNOPQ (and R) of my Birth Chart could be similar to one of the nine charts:

If you’ve attended my workshop, are you able to foretell which chart is identical with my birth chart? Is it so easy to identify a person’s Root number just by watching their outward actions and body language?

Look at the nine charts again. Although the Root number is 7, there are different characteristics and traits in them because of the influences of the elemental and numerical energies surrounding the root number. We can say there are nine different types of personality traits of Root number 7.

An expert specialising in physiognomy (face reading) or body language could sometimes analyse wrongly.  These days, some people resorted to cosmetic surgery to beautify and improve their face to look “perfect”. It is harder now to analyse a person’s Yearly tendency signs with high degree of accuracy just by observing their face or through body language. Often, we need to complement it with other profiling methods.

Remember the popular phrase “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”? Mike’s observations were interesting. He could have done his own research and used it in his profiling techniques when observing a person’s traits and characteristics in person, face-to-face.

Let’s put aside the cosmetic “improvement” of the face. What if the person could cleverly disguised his emotions without showing them off in his face or body language? Like a toastmaster or professional speaker who could control their emotions and showed off the passion needed to compel others to listen attentively?


When I first started learning Bazi, the experience was exciting whenever I correctly guessed the person’s Day Master from noting their behaviours and expressions for a period of time. Soon, I realised the observations made are too general and does not apply to everyone. When a person studied metaphysics, their actions, behaviours, and habits would somehow be influenced by their knowledge on the subject. In many ways, they could have taken the steps to change.

Similarly, I have changed my perspectives and it changed my thoughts and actions. I could display the traits of number 4 or 7 any time. And I could also behave like a number 9, or any other numbers from 1 to 9, depending on circumstances.


Many of you have read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and learned the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Many of you have tried changing your actions and thoughts into positive ones. I know it’s not easy throwing away the old negative habits, but as long as you consistently remind yourself to change, you can do it.

By now, you’d know the annual influences (Year, Month, Day, and Periodic Year Cycles) do influence your thoughts. A person could display different traits at different periods. The person could be moody and reserved today, and chatty and wild tomorrow. The different traits could be influenced by the energies within them, and the environmental energies surrounding the person. With the annual energies flowing in, the elemental energies could influence the person’s behaviours, thoughts, and actions

Don’t be quick to conclude your observations. When you practise more, you’ll become more experienced. And your conclusions would in many case, result in a higher accuracy level. What Mike needs now is to take action to focus and practise EON, and apply the Five Elements concept that I’ve shared with him and the rest at the workshop.

It doesn’t matter whether I am number 4 or 7. My presentation skills and passion shown at the workshop could partly be influenced by the elemental vibes. However, the major influences came from my changed perspectives, behaviours, thoughts, and actions. Try not to assume a person’s Root number just from a day of observation. The opinion tends to differ from the truth.

In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, one of the “Lessons in Strategy” stated the ability to focus on what we want to achieve is through KNOWLEDGE. So, build your own knowledge through regular practises, experiences, and observations.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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