A Man, His Wife, & His Companion

In yesterday’s article “Reaching Out and Focusing on Issues”, I mentioned Laurel’s confusion over the different traits in the Power of Numbers (PON) and Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. The confusion could arise from a person’s limited knowledge, and their understanding of the underlying principles of the metaphysics system. These could somehow influence their observations. As EON provides “extended method”, there are usually extra traits associated to the same number from EON perspective. This could somehow confuse a person who knows PON only.

Laurel tried analysing a relative’s chart but was not confident to advise him (let’s call him Raj) on what he should do.

1) Raj is working in Singapore. He recently visited his astrologer in India and was advised to invest by end of this year. Otherwise, he could be facing many obstacles and misfortune next year. As this year 2011 would end soon, Raj does not have extra money to do any investment now. Raj knew Laurel is learning numerology, and wanted to know if he could take the risk to do investment before the year ends. He asked Laurel to analyse his next year 2012 chart. Laurel noticed he could meet obstacles in 2012. There are two set of 1-5 (Alone-Obstacle) which means Raj may face obstacles and has to travel out to find money.

2) Raj’s wife (let’s call her Sara) is in India, and has the 8-4-3 patterns in her birth chart. The 8-4-3 pattern is also present in her PY2012 chart. Would that mean there could be some issue happening at home in India (that’s what his astrologer predicted as next year’s misfortune)? Could it imply an impending divorce case or problems caused by third-party involvement?

3) When Laurel plotted a Relationship Compatibility Chart for Raj and his Singapore companion (let’s call her Doris), there are multiple sets of 2-7, 7-2 present. Does this imply Raj and Doris are compatible and they may get hitched? Could it suggest Raj and his wife Sara may divorce next year?


Let’s all look at the EON charts for Raj, Sara, and Doris. Let’s review what Laurel has said about Raj, his wife, and his companion. By the way, what I’m about to comment are based on the tendency signs appearing in the charts, and does not necessary imply Raj would have such traits and my observations are correct. Remember, a person’s traits and behaviours could be influenced by family values, social lifestyle, moral values, habits and experiences.

I’ll focus on specific traits in this article. You may want to check out more details on the traits and tendency signs from my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

1) Raj has a “mirrored” Birth chart. This could imply that apart from constant planning on his mind, his unconscious thoughts are driven by success and money. Getting quick money and successful rewards is always on his mind. However, there are tendency signs that Raj could have spent unnecessary causing a roller coaster effect on his financial pockets. If you’ve read my book and the various articles on this site, you’d know the multiple sets of number 6s could imply a tendency sign of “blinded by greed of money” mindset.

The 5-5 in his birth chart denotes risk, challenges, and obstacles Raj may encounter often in his life. He has the 5-4-9, 4-5-9 patterns in his PY2011 chart. This implied there is a tendency to take risk to achieve the success he needs. Should Raj take up investment as suggested by the Indian astrologer? It’s entirely up to Raj as we don’t know how much wealth he has left. I’d like to highlight here that learning EON is not about identifying tendency signs and “blindly” providing solutions to resolve an issue. We should be empathetic and mindful solutions provided should be practicable and attainable by the person. The astrologer should consider Raj’s current financial limits and offer alternative options. Perhaps the astrologer did offer alternative options. We should always learn to adapt and improvise the recommendations whenever necessary.

If Raj does not invest now, does that mean he would miss the “money boat” next year? Even if Raj managed to find means to get the money and invest as the astrologer had suggested, does that mean next year 2012 would be a good year for Raj?

Next year is a “Double Effect Year” for Raj. This implies the elemental energies in his Birth chart could manifest stronger than ever. The tendency signs of obstacles, challenges, stubbornness, potential money greed are strong. He could feel the moneymaking opportunities and could make money too. Raj needs to be extra careful. A “Double Effect” Year could manifest the “Double Blessing” and “Double Whammy” vibes.  While he is chasing to make more money, it could also affect his mental state of mind. The unnecessary worries may result in mental depression, and may affect his respiratory and cardiovascular health conditions. If he does not take care of his health and simply focus on his moneymaking aspirations, the “Double Blessing” money he earns could turn into a “Double Whammy” for him. What’s the point in working hard to earn the money, and then use it to pay for high medical fees and to the doctors? By the way, Raj should abstain from taking too much sugary or high-carbohydrate food, and moderate his alcoholic drinking habit (if any) as these could affect his liver, causing the control of the insulin level to fail. At extreme end, it could lead to potential heritable diabetic problems in later years.

If Raj is having his own business, he could consider doing online-related business if he’s not already done so. The investment could be small and there are potentials to expand his overseas customer base.


2) The 8-4-3 patterns in Sara’s PY2011 chart could imply strained relationships with others. Most likely, the strained relationship could be with Raj since he’s in Singapore busy building up his career while she’s faithfully at home in India, probably taking care of her family.  As the 7-2-9 pattern is present in her chart, the strained relationship could be caused by a 3rd-party person. The 8-4-3 pattern is also present in her PY2012 chart. Raj and Sara could reconsider their loving bond if they are sincere about embracing their marriage vows. The relationship may worsen if Raj continues his relentless pursuits for “instant success.” On the other hand, Sara would need to change her behaviours, mindset and perspective if she wants to keep a close bonding with Raj. Perhaps, living apart may not be a good idea after all if Sara wants to improve her relationship with Raj.


3) Raj could have consciously or unconsciously spent his “extra” money on Doris for various reasons. They could have started as friends at first. The relationship could be causing him emotional pressure this year. The number 5 in 5-4-9 and 4-5-9 could turn to excessive emotional and success-driven greed. In the Five Elements, strong Wood could lead to liver, and mental and immune problems.

Laurel has plotted the Relationship Compatibility Chart for Raj and Doris. The presence of multiple 7-2 and 2-7 are strong. The exploring love bond is strong too. Doris could be fascinated by Raj’s success and probably, his spending on her. Naturally, if Raj continues to focus his love and wealth on Doris, his love bond for Sara could drift further apart.


Predicting an event is handy, but doesn’t imply anything if the person does not do anything to avert or lessen the negative impacts. As outsiders and observers, we cannot force Raj to do what he dislikes. If he is seriously about preserving his family back in India, then he should focus on improving his relationship with Sara instead and not Doris. Unless it’s a pre-arranged marriage with no true love, he could recall the magical moments he had with Sara when they first met, and the reasons they got married. Perhaps he could consider getting his direct family members to come to Singapore to stay with him. All these sounds logical and possible for Raj, unless there is hidden agenda, pressure, emotional attachment, or bonding of some sorts with Doris. Breaking away could lead to undesirable disagreement between them, and could lead to legal issues.

Raj is a street-smart and resourceful person, and should try listing his needs and wants, and identify what’s important to him. He should try putting aside the stubborn nature, and learn to be adaptable and make a positive change. Working hard to earn more money would be useless if health takes a toll on him. Working hard to earn money would be distracting and emotional if sensual transgression takes over his thoughts and actions.

If Raj is having his own business, he should focus on his business goals and increasing his customer base. If he’s working for others, then he should focus on his careers and customers. Reducing the negative energies now would be ideal for Raj since he could confidently chase his goals next year. While he subconsciously takes control of the negative effects that could arise from the “Double Whammy” vibes, he can consciously focus on manifesting the “Double Blessing” vibes present in 2012.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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