Reaching Out and Focusing On Issues

Laurel wanted to learn more about using numerology to understand herself and others better. Her search leads her to attend the Power of Numbers (PON) courses from Dr Oliver Tan of Numbers Academy Singapore. Now that her PON knowledge improves, she was considering taking up the Mastery module. That was great as she could use the PON methods to profile a person. So she started to practise and analyse people’s charts using numbers and the patterns associated to the numbers, traits and characteristics.

Meanwhile, she chanced on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. She bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” She then tried to analyse charts using both the PON and EON methods. In her excitement to learn both methods as quickly as possible, the extended tendency traits in EON got her confused. Her PON mentors remarked that her analytical observations were wrong. That made her even more confused and wondering who’s right, and who’s wrong?


How do we back up an observation made is right or wrong? When someone remarked that an observation is “wrong”, they could be focusing on specific issues they want to know, and it may be different from the issue you’re focusing. So, when they say “your observations are wrong,” they could be right from their standpoint. However, that doesn’t mean your observations are wrong, if you consider the area of focus you are analysing on. Often, your observations could be right too.

As Laurel has begun learning PON, I’d suggest she focus on mastering the methods taught by her PON mentors. She should try to understand the fundamentals, meaning of the numbers associating to the traits and characteristics, and other techniques in associating the number patterns to certain traits. Once she understood the theories and the confidence to apply the techniques, she can consider exploring beyond the realms of PON and venture into the extended techniques of EON.


The Elements of Numbers (EON) focuses mainly on the elemental traits of the numbers through the Five Elements metaphor. The Power of Numbers (PON) method focuses more on the numerical traits of the numbers. Both PON and EON are complementary methods. They provided you the essential methods to analyse a chart from both macro and micro levels.

If you know nothing about PON and started learning EON first, then you can maximise the methods described in my book, and learn the extended methods mentioned in many of my case study articles posted on this site. I’ve designed the content flow of my book to be like a course book with many case studies to elaborate on the principles mentioned. You’ll learn the basics of EON and to the advanced methods in a progressive way.


I’ve shared the extended methods and reinforced the principles of EON methods with participants who attended my EON Workshop sessions. They can now apply the techniques to analyse and profile a person from a different perspective. In many ways, their analysis could differ from others who did not attend the workshop.

You need to focus on the solution not the problem. You need to identify the issues and then focus on finding the “solution” you hope to gather. If you focus on the wrong issue, your analytical result would stem from that focus point.

For example, PON students can easily identify the “Health Symptom” of a person, and the elements associated to it. This method is useful and great from PON standpoint. However, from a practical and logical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to suggest that a person should only worry or improve the health conditions associated to their Health Symptom elements throughout their living years.  If you’re a PON Mastery student, you’d have noted by now people could die of symptoms that are different from the Health Symptom elements. You should know by now the Personal Year energies do influence a person, and it could also manifest both positive and negative energies that could affect your health. And because of these energies, your health conditions could vary and need not always be related to the elements associated to your Health Symptoms. What this means is that even if you are aware of the “tendency health problems” suggested by your Health Symptoms, you may still experience other health conditions as well, if you don’t take care of them. Therefore, it is equally important to know the other probable health conditions that could arise in a particular year. That’s where you can use the extended EON method to identify tendency signs and expand your focus beyond the PON methods.


Laurel was thinking of taking the PON Mastery course. If time and budget allow, there’s no reasons she should not take them. In fact, I’d recommend her to take the course so she’d be able to understand the advanced theories of PON. Once she finished the PON course and practice her analysis, she may feel a need to reach out and know more methods beyond PON. By then, she’d be able to understand and appreciate the extended EON methods, just like the PON Mastery students did after attending my EON Workshop sessions.

Confused? Never mind. Here’s an analogy. Imagine you are taking driving lessons. You learned the basic driving techniques, road safety measures, and other essential driving habits. That’s something like PON where you get to understand and apply the fundamentals of the numbers to profile a person. Now that your driving skills improve, you decided to learn more beyond driving, like how to maintain and groom your car, identify symptoms that could lead to potential problems, defensive driving, and so on. These extended methods are like learning EON where you can maximise the knowledge you’d build up to analyse a chart on a different perspective.

If you want to reach out to your dreams of profiling yourself and others better, you need to understand the underlying principles of PON and EON. It doesn’t matter if your observations are wrong or right. Work on improving your analytical skills. No one is always right in their observations since human beings can work on improving their well-being any time, making the patterns shown on their Birth and Personal Year charts “indicative” but not affirmative.

Don’t worry too much when others made contradicting remarks on your observations. Just like “many roads could lead to Rome,” there are many ways to focus on a single issue, and many solutions to resolve a problem. For example, PON students learned that if certain number patterns appear in a person chart that could imply divorce case, does that mean the person would get a confirmed “divorcee status”? If a certain number pattern is present on a murderer or rapist’s chart, can we irrationally assume other people with similar patterns in their chart would one day become a murderer or rapist too? If we can make such simplistic assumptions, then the police and law enforcers would be able to prevent murders and rapes by rounding up “potential candidates” and put them in jail on charges for “future convictions.”

Fortunately, that’s not the case. The PON students could have misunderstood their mentor’s explanations when certain patterns are said to have confirmed consequences. The patterns do imply a tendency sign, and does not mean a confirmed affirmative. The patterns could imply a tendency “warning sign” and as long as the person takes precautions, they may not experience the “effects”. Human’s brains and behaviours are complex. Every ideal scenario has its limits when we apply them to the real world. People’s mind and actions can change. You should consider the numbers in a person’s chart as indicative and not assume the energies (positive or negative) associated to the numbers would manifest for sure.

We are humans not machines. Your thoughts and actions can be influenced by many factors, including family and social values, and habits. You must learn to identify the issue you want to focus, and then focus on finding a solution. Reach out and focus on the important issues first. You must then learn to adapt and improvise, and lessen the negative impact whenever possible. Change your habits if you have to. Change your perspective if you must for a better, happier, and healthier tomorrow.


Remember, you should take charge and not let the numbers control your lives.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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