Reflecting on 2011/2012 Vibes

With the devastating floods in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines; and the torrential rain, wind, and snow happening in other countries in 2011, are these signs suggesting the world will end next year on 21.12.2012? Is the global warming effect suggesting we should prepare ourselves for the worst?

Could the frequent flash floods and recent MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) train breakdowns in Singapore showing symptoms from the effects of the Yearly vibes?

The Yearly energies (or vibes) do not only affect certain countries. It could affect everyone living in this world, thanks to faster flight travelling time and budget airlines. The recent culling of chickens in Hong Kong to prevent the bird-flu viruses from spreading could suggest a relation to the Year 2011 energies.

Some years back, I browsed a book on Mayan’s predictions at a local bookstore. The author described the 9-cycle periods. We’re now in the last cycle #9 known as the “Beast War” era where merciless killings, war, riots, shootings, and horrendous acts could be common. And the new cycle #1 will restart the day after the Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012.

Yet according to separate article I’ve read just before Year 2000, someone discovered an ancient prediction note presumably written by a royal astrologer during the Dynasty era of ancient China. The prediction note claimed animals would inhibit revengeful traits during the 2000th-year era. Interestingly, the fast manifestations of the viruses spread by the animals – the pigs, fishes, birds, chickens, cows, cats, and other animals – started from Year 2000 onwards.


Can we identify tendency signs suggesting similar events that may happen in a Year?

First, the numbers don’t lie. We can identify the characteristics of the numbers present in the Year energies. It can be benign now like the cancerous cells in your body. And it can become malignant if you don’t take precautions.

At my 3rd EON Workshop session in November, I’ve shown a slide and explained to the class on the effects of the yearly energies and its influence. Let me share the information here – we can experience 2012 vibes in late 2011, and the 2011 vibes in early 2012.

Let’s review the 2011 effects: 2+1+1=4: 2 (Water), 1 (Metal), 1 (Metal) = 4 (Wood). At the workshop session, I’ve shown to the class a slide picture of a railway train accident. I also explained how I’d correlate the 2011 to a possible accident along the railway tracks. Let me share some info with you now since the festive mood is about giving and sharing – the number 2 is about movement, and the 1-1 is like a railway track. Taking preventive and regular measures could lessen the impact of the Yearly vibes.

For signs of 2011 effects, do check the “forecast articles” posted on this site.

Look at the 2012 vibes: 2(Water), 1 (Metal), 2 (Water) = 5 (Earth). Coincidentally, the general energies of Year 2012 (applying the Elements of Numbers method) are similar to the Chinese lunisolar calendar where the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for Year 2012 is “Ren-Chen“, and the elements are WaterEarth.

When the Water element is on top of Earth element, what could possibly happen? Imagine these possibilities:

  • over spilling effects (floods);
  • submerged earth awakening (seabed movement, undersea earthquake, movement in volcanic lakes);
  • leakage (damaged dams, toilets, swimming pools);
  • wet floors (falling accidents, leg problems);
  • diseases (waterborne);
  • digestion (food poisoning, food-related issues, digestive or stomach problems); or
  • other health conditions (urinary, kidney).

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the number 1 denotes the Metal element. When we include all elements present in 2012, the additional possibilities could include:

  • Metal-related health conditions (lungs, immune, brain and nerve conditions);
  • Diseases (airborne);
  • Mental (mental depression, brain-related problems);
  • Transportation problems (accidents involving structural damages, buildings, bridges, construction machineries); or
  • Fiery, sexual desires (more sex or rape cases reported, transgressions, bipolar disorders, rising divorce statistics).

Don’t worry if you could not associate the characteristics of the numbers with its elemental traits. Check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for descriptions on the basic traits. For extended methods of identifying the Yearly energies, you can attend my next 4th EON Workshop session.

On a personal side, it could also imply more people may face stumbling blocks in 2012. You have to take extra risk and challenges if you want to see positive signs to attain your goals. You need to protect yourself from possible health problems and your home. Taking up health and home insurance is important to safeguard your health and assets.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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