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Steven asked if he can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify the tendency signs of a person involved in money laundering, corruptions, or cheating others for the sake of money. His uncle’s female partner has cheated him of his profits from their business deals last year.

There are tendency signs in a person’s chart (Birth and Personal Year) that is related to money. When the signs are present, it could consciously and unconsciously create the money-minded thoughts. When the “money-thoughts” control a person’s mind, the urge to obtain money quickly is strong – usually through indirect transactions or illegal business, money laundering, cheating on business profits, or taking kickbacks.

When a person can control their thoughts and actions, no matter how strong the urge to make money is, they’d not stray from the moral obligations. They could use their experience and expertise to profit from stock/share investments, be a financial banker, or setup a legalised profitable business.

In basic EON, the number related to money is 6. Using extended EON methods, we can also associate number 6 with stability, security, and home. Therefore, number 6 vibes can create different influences depending on the perspective of the person’s inner thoughts, family and social values, and habits. So, do not hastily assume that when you see multiple 6s in a person’s chart, you are looking at a deceitful person. You could be looking at a wealthy person’s chart where they earned their money through hard work, and in legal ways. Or you could be looking at a politician’s chart since 6s reinforced stability of the county or country, or people’s homes. I’d suggested to Steven to attend my next EON WORKSHOP session as I’d be discussing more effects of number 6 (and other numbers), and the extended EON methods where he can learn beyond the vibes of the numbers.

Look at the front-line banking staff. They’re handling huge money every working day, more than many of us could hold in a year. Imagine what they can do if they siphon the money progressively! Fortunately many of these bank staff remains true to their working etiquettes and moral principles. Some of them may even have similar number patterns in their Birth or Personal Year (PY) charts.

When there are multiple 6s present in a person’s birth chart, money is usually the main topic in their minds. When you see more 6s present in their PY chart, it implies there could be manifestation of the moneymaking thoughts and actions that year. It could be an illegal one like money laundering, stealing, robberies, receiving kickbacks and corruptions, or cheating their business partners.

I’ve explained the effects of multiple 6s affecting a person in my book. I’ve also included case study on a person who stole hundreds of watches worth S$8 millions. Do check the “Case Study 5-5” on Page 183 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for details.

Let’s look at Jeanie’s EON chart. The number 6 is present in the

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This means the energies and influences are multiplied further that year. The money temptation$ are just too strong, and sadly, it controlled her mind. Oh, do check out my book if you’re confused with the terminologies used.

This year (2012), the number 6 is in location O of her PY2012 chart. She could be using her persuasive and communicable skills to gather more money, probably involving overseas consignment or customers. With the 7-8-6 present, she could be creating a communication block (deceptive actions?) on her partners, making them more agitated and stressful (2-3-5) over their contractual agreements as business partners.

How do we know if the person would cheat or deceive others? We don’t know, even if they do have similar charts. One person could blatantly cheat others. Another person could be trustworthy with strong moral principles, oblivious to the monetary temptations around them. It all depends on many factors including family upbringing, social influences, moral etiquettes and habits, and self-beliefs.

Now, if you’ve similar EON chart, it doesn’t necessary imply you will feel such way, or inhibit the traits I’ve mentioned. If you’re able to control the money thoughts, then it was because of your moral upbringings and knowledge capacities to ensure a harmonious lifestyle and healthy living for you and your family.  If money is in your mind often, then don’t let money control you as it could have damaging effects. Gaining money illegally or cheating others may have short-term fulfilment and satisfaction but long-term sufferings. There’s always payback time when you least expected it. It’s just not worth the effort to waste the time and energies over short-term happiness. Deep inside your heart, you know you want to live a happier and healthier life. Make it happen then! So, relax and stay calm, and think before you act.

Don’t let money control you. Energise the positive thoughts and use your mind power to control money instead. Take charge to control your destiny and decide the life path you want.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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