On the 1st Day of 2012


I’ve received support and encouragement from many of you last year. I’m glad the continuous sharing of my discoveries has benefited many of you. I’m glad many of you have changed your perspective on life-matters since applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. Thanks for believing in EON and helping to spread the good feelings of EON to others. “Happiness and Joy When Shared Is Doubled.”

Many of you have provided sample birthdates on matters on health, relationships, wealth, and career. Your contributions are useful for my EON research.

I’m looking forward to sharing more “hidden techniques” and discoveries with you this year. I’ve started organising my EON WORKSHOP sessions last year because of you. I’m glad I listened to your calling, and the feedback on my workshop sessions was positive. I’ve received emails from many of you. Some asked about the schedule for the 4th EON WORKSHOP. Some even suggested me to conduct more frequent workshops. Some asked me to conduct basic EON courses. All I can say for now is… I’ll review all your requests as I’ve limited capacities and resources. I’m doing EON research for knowledge and passion, and the “calling” to share my discoveries with you through affordable means.


He’s back. For the last few months there were speculations on him, where he is, and what he’s doing. I’m taking about Dr Oliver Tan who passionately promoted his Power of Numbers (PON) method in Singapore for the past few years. According to his recent advertisement, he’d been promoting PON in Indonesia for the past few months.

Now there are more people knowing PON in Indonesia, it’d be useful for them to extend their knowledge beyond PON. Is there anyone keen to help me organise EON Workshops (in English) in Indonesia, or any other countries?

If you’re staying in Singapore, you can check Dr Tan’s recent advertisements in The Straits Times newspapers last week. If you want to learn the basic characteristics of the numbers on your Birth chart, you may consider signing up for Dr Tan’s PON Preview sessions scheduled for this week. Check the Numbers Academy site (www.numbersacademy.com) for more details.


Once again, let’s all think, feel, and act positively.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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