To Do Business or Not

Cindy worries about her husband Richard’s construction business. She wondered if his business could picked up this year as they’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Cindy also had an agreement with Richard – if his construction business is not profitable after 4 years, he must look for a job to upkeep the family’s expenses.

Since Cindy has given Richard four years to grow his business, he should work hard to make his dreams come true.

Now, let’s put aside the encouragement and look at the “Career Luck” vibes from Richard’s EON chart.

Those who’d attended my EON WORKSHOP session would know that Richard’s career vibes were strong the past few years. However, the communication ability could somehow restrict his desire to expand or reach out to his customers. Richard could be building his own fence, barriers, and gates unknowingly. He needs to open up.

Here’s an analogy – you want to water the plants with a garden hose that’s connected with a water nozzle. You turned on the tap fully. You felt the water pressure flowing through the hose towards the nozzle. You tried pressing the nozzle’s handle and the water began to drip out from the nozzle instead of spraying.

The water flowing towards the nozzle is like Richard’s business desire. The faulty nozzle is creating problems for Richard. He could not deliver his work completely. The faulty nozzle is creating a stumbling block on him. All Richard needs to do is to take action to replace the faulty nozzle with a good one. Look at the 2-1-3 patterns in his Birth chart – those are possible stumbling blocks if no actions are taken to rectify them.  Build up your knowledge by checking my previous posted articles on the effects of 2-1-3.

Let’s briefly look at Richard’s personal characteristics based on the presence of the numbers in his chart. Richard must learn about the different types of water nozzle and change them quickly if he wants to water the plants happily without wasting too much water. In simple terms, Richard must build up his resources and increase his knowledge. He must learn to identify potential opportunities and risks. He must learn to let go of his stubborn nature (if he is still the proud, self-egoistic and stubborn person).

He must not act on impulse and aim for instant success. Working out business plans may sounds great but a good plan is untimely when no customers support it. He needs to build up his network to get his services to the right customers. He should get out there gathering market support. He could try spending more time on the ground knowing what his potential customers need, and what his competitions can offer. He must learn to be humble and tactful in his business dealings. Many customers love “under promise” and “over deliver” of services done at reasonable fee. It could create a “cost-saving, self-ego satisfaction” feeling on them. If Richard can reasonably satisfy his customers’ needs and desired results, it is possible for his business opportunities to thrive on.

Now, let’s look at his PY2012 chart. The Earth element (5) is strong. We can also associate Earth to construction and building works. Technically, Richard’s business prospect may looks good in 2012 as long as he remains less principle-minded, be flexible, continue to service his customers well, and build up the trust they had on him. Richard must also dare to take risk, and have the gut-feelings to unleash his business talents to others. In short, it’s show time for him if he wants a usable network of customers. And he needs to act fast, be brave, and stand firm in his decision.

Besides business pursuits, Richard has to start taking care of his health especially on his emotions and mental stress. It could affect his cardiovascular and respiratory or immune systems. Cutting down on smoking and alcoholic drinks (if he’s addicted to them) would help improve his health.

Cindy’s concern is to know whether Richard’s business can be profitable. The 8-4-3 effects last year (2011) could have triggered temperamental moods between them, probably causing tension and stress, and perhaps quarrels. This year, there are tendency signs of stumbling blocks, challenges, and obstacles, and customers are putting extra pressure on him causing undue stress.

If Richard can persevere and face the challenges well by identifying the opportunities within it, his business could still be profitable. If the business fails, Richard can temporary put aside his entrepreneur spirit and work for someone else. He could then redirect his energies from a different perspective – he could think like an intrapreneur to rebuild his confidence, knowledge, and finances.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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