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Jacky has a friend William who intends to setup a company with two other business partners. Jacky wanted to know the suitable business for William and his partners as their elements are different from one another. According to Jacky, William belongs to the Water element, and the elements for the other two partners are Fire and Metal.

As Jacky did not provide much details (like birthdates, Root numbers), it is not possible for me to provide suggestions. Although Jacky had attended my EON Workshop, we cannot assume he is using EON to decide William’s element. Jacky could be asking a general question on the Five Elements. He could have knowledge and experience with other Chinese metaphysics methods too. When analysing a metaphysics question, we got to be clear about the questions and issues before we can focus on the areas of concern to identify possible signs and suggestions.

1)      Jacky mentioned William belongs to the Water element. Is the element derived from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method? Is it from other metaphysics science like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, Paht Chee), or Fengshui?

2)      If the Water element is from EON, is it based on the Root number of William’s EON Birth chart? It is equally important to know whether the Root number is 2 or 7 since both numbers have different characteristics and traits as well, apart from belonging to the Water element.

3)     Similarly, William’s two partners’ elements are of Fire and Metal – are their Birth Root number 3 or 8 (for Fire), or 1 or 6 (for Metal)


The Elements of Numbers (EON) uses the same Five Elements concepts as Bazi. Some people who’re experienced with Bazi and Fengshui may assume identifying the elements is identical. In EON, we used a different method to identify the element of the numbers. Check out my book to find out the reasons.

In many ways, understanding the elements in EON is much simple and less confusing than Bazi as you need not waste time debating over favourable or strong element in a person’s chart. Sadly, many metaphysics professionals are still teaching this simple “first-level” method of analysing. If you’ve been learning Bazi from your mentors for many years, you have to get out of the “basic theory” and move on to extended methods for real-life profiling applications. You need to understand the underlying principles of the Five Elements. You have to be consciously aware the Qi energies are constantly in motion, and its moving influences could affect a person’s behaviours and thoughts periodically.

On a side note, my appreciation and gratitude goes to my Bazi mentors for sharing the correct application fundamentals of understanding a person’s Bazi chart by adopting a 360-degree analysis rather than focusing on the Day Master. I adapted the same 360-degree “out of the box” approach and drafted it into the EON principles. I’m glad I did as the Root number of the EON Birth chart (like the Day Master in a Bazi chart) only provides certain characteristics and traits. We need to look at the surrounding elements (and numbers) in the Birth chart and the Periodic charts as well. This would help us to identify the elemental vibes that could influence the person’s characteristics and traits in a specific period.

A person could have inhibited stronger energy levels from certain elements when born. The elemental vibes may change and influenced by other elements periodically. This is due to the differing energies from periodic influences of the elemental vibes coming from the current year, month, or day. In addition, the external influences (family upbringing, social lifestyles, and habits) do play a major role as well in influencing the person’s perspectives and actions.

I’ve included details and explanations on the Five Elements concepts in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Buy a copy if you’ve not already done so. I guaranteed it would be a life-changing book to better your life once you’ve learned and persistently practised the methods described in my book. If you want to know more on how you can identify the energy levels and influences in a particular period (like Year or Month), then you need to look beyond the Birth chart.

Like many participants who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOPS, you may want to sign out for the 4th EON WORKSHOP scheduled for 3rd March 2012 (Saturday). You will get to learn an easy method to identify the characteristics and traits of the Five Elements using “Nature-imaging” visualisation techniques. In addition, I’ve introduced the Universal and Personal energies in extended EON methods to help you identify the elemental influence in a period.

Check the sample chart taken from the EON (Android) software. The software included exclusive features of the Univeral and Personal energies that are not available in PON, UCM or other similar numerology courses conducted by other trainers. I’ll share these extended methods and how you can do a life path profiling using the EON (Android) software (full version available free to participants) at the EON Workshop.

Now that I’m almost at the end of this article, I hope Jackson can provide more details so I can post another article to address his queries.

Generally, it doesn’t matter whether the partners’ elements are Water, Fire, and Metal as the elemental influence could complement each other’s special skills. You don’t simply setup a business purely based on the elemental strength. It doesn’t mean the business would prosper if the elements are complementary or supporting. What’s important is to identify the key strength of each partner’s ability, their passions for a common mission, and identifying opportunities in the consumer market.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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