Reinforcing on Missing Numbers

Sebastian wrote in his recent email that he and his UCM course mates could not understand what the missing numbers suggest. Their UCM mentor mentioned that if a person has missing number 9, it implies that person is not suitable to do business. I suggested to Sebastian to find out the reason from his mentor since he’d completed the Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling course.

Since Sebastian asked me on the missing numbers as well, I thought I could share my thoughts from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

If you have a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” you can refer to Page 157.  I mentioned if a person has missing numbers, it doesn’t imply they are lack of it and cannot perform tasks associated to the missing number. If the person has missing 9 in their Birth chart, it doesn’t mean that person is not suitable to do business. That’s a naïve thought.

Take a look at Donald Trump’s EON chart.

Is Sebastian’s UCM mentor correct to say that Trump is not suitable to do business because he has a missing 9 in his Birth chart? Perhaps Sebastian may have misinterpreted what his UCM mentor has shared in class.

I’ve inculcate the essence of the Five Elements and the “Yin and Yang” metaphors in my EON method. “In Every Yin, there’s a Yang. In Every Yang, there’s a Yin.” When we correlate that to numbers, it means the vibes (of number 9) are still present even if the person has a missing 9 in their Birth chart. It simply implies the person has to take action to trigger the domain vibes, and to work harder to get his business going. It doesn’t mean their business would fail quickly. There are even cases of business failures experienced by people having multiple 9s in their Birth charts.  In these days of global influence, there is no guarantee that your business will continue to survive the worst economic or financial recession even if your ancestors have set up the business 100-years ago.

What if you have a missing number 9 and still want to do business? Do you want the missing number vibes to control your ego and prevent you from chasing your dream of setting up business?

Thrash out the simplistic one-sided attitude, and adopt the “Yin and Yang” approach. How?

The approach is simple and I’d rather share them here so you can learn them now. The solution is to identify the periodic vibes and increase the positive energies at the suitable time. If the Root number of your Personal Year 2012 chart is number 9,  it suggested a time for closure, a time to break away from mental fears and stumbling blocks, and a time to take action on your goals. Since we associated number 9 to success and business, it’s the time to “JUST DO IT” to maximize the strengths of the vibes in this year. With the presence of 9 vibes, you can easily manifest the “business” influence within you, and around you.

What if you wanted to do business this year but the Root number of your Personal Year (PY) is a 5?

In the extended EON method, there is also Universal Year (UY) number. If you have a UY9, it means the vibes and energies are universally everywhere around you. These could influence your thoughts and raise the aspiration level. However, there’s little action unless you can overcome the negative vibes coming from the Personal Year 5 energies. Refer to Page 171 on the possible effects on you, and what you need to do positively. Get a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so!

Now that I’ve explained how you can reinforce on the missing numbers, there are little reasons you should create your own stumbling block to prevent you from achieving your aspirations just because you lack the vibes from the missing numbers. Seek and you shall find. Even if the vibes are not present in your Birth or Personal Year chart, you can always do a macro analysis by checking on the Personal and Universal Month numbers.

Go ahead. Try out what you need to do to manifest the missing number vibes. You wouldn’t know if it works until you’ve tested them. If it works for you, it’s because of your actions. Of course, you can always thank me for the guidance.

I’ve told Sebastian that I only a messenger providing guidance on the correct analytical methods. Sebastian still has to take charge to identify his own path and seek his own destiny.  


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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