Fong Fei Fei and Health Matters

I’d a wonderful chat with James the other day. We talked on many issues including health matters, and about the celebrities who died recently, Whitney Houston and Fong Fei Fei.

James told me he’d visited some sites with case studies on Fong, using the Power of Numbers (PON). According to him, many of these articles identified the strong presence of Metal (multiple 1s) in Fong’s chart. James wondered if there are telltale signs that we can identify in a particular year rather than relying on general health symptoms based on the Birth chart.

James told me he’d attended the PON courses conducted by Dr. Oliver Tan, and felt comfortable profiling a person’s personality and identifying characteristic traits. He feels that understanding personality traits through PON is easier than Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). However, James felt something is missing in PON that he couldn’t figure it out.

I told James the tendency signs on health matters for both Houston and Fong. It is simple to identify the potential health symptoms of a person. In fact, I’ve covered the basic methods on Page 131 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Do check the pages out if you’ve not already done so.

It’s always great to start learning metaphysics method from the basics. This allows the person’s interest to grow progressively. Once they feels the need to find out more on the underlying principles begin, they can then continue the extended methods. The same basic principles apply to the PON methods many people have learned, and the basic method described in my book. Its purpose is to get you started into the journey of elemental discoveries through this unique numerology method.

Let’s look at Fong Fei Fei’s Birth chart for a start. According to this online article and another article, Fong died of lung cancer in January this year. Contrary to popular assumptions people made on entertainment celebrities, people who knew her said the singer led a healthy lifestyle and “did not smoke.”

One article reported that 10% of the nonsmokers in United States have lung cancers. Elsewhere in other countries, there has been increasing number of nonsmokers suffering from lung cancers too. The signs are clear – even when these people do not smoke, they are innocent victims of “passive smoking.”

In the 70s/80s, heavy smokers and drinkers often visited nightclubs, bars, and entertainment hot spots. Fong could have inhaled the smoke and became a passive smoker during her earlier active entertainment career. Even if she did not smoke as claimed, the unfiltered smoke she’d inhaled may have started the health sign.

I’ve mentioned strong Fire in a person’s chart imply the tendency to have heart-related problems if the person do not consciously take care of their health. In Fong’s case, it’s all about the Metal elements. In the Five Elements, we associated Metal to the immune, lungs, mental, and respiratory systems. Apart from smoking (including passive smoking), excessive alcoholic drinking may affect the kidney too, and these may subsequently affect the lungs.

If you’ve learned or practiced the PON method, you’d know the default health symptoms are related to Fire and Earth elements. You gathered the health symptoms from the energies present in the birth chart. Family values, social and educational pressures, working and eating lifestyles, and habits do influenced a person’s growing up years. Hence, it is just too basic to assume the health symptoms shall remain in the person’s life forever in their lifetime, and they may only suffer from the same health conditions related to the health symptoms.

We have to be practical, logical, and sensible when analysing a person’s chart. Telling others Fong has multiple 1s in her birth chart and the possibility that she may get lung cancer is just not convincing enough for the skeptics. Does that mean anyone with strong Metal in their Birth chart will die of lung cancer?

Each year, your health conditions vary. Occasionally, certain health conditions would aggravate during certain months or seasons of the year, because of the presence of the elemental energies. You need to look beyond the Birth chart to find the answers. You need to find the tendency signs in a Personal Year. You need to check on the Personal Month or Personal Day if you want to find more clues to help you in your macro analysis. Balancing of the elemental energies is important to harmonise the influences that may affect a person. In Fong’s cases, the Metal energies are strong in 2011 (check her PY2011) and it could have triggered and manifested the Metal energies which could have began to affect the related body organs.

On Page 113 of my book, I’ve described the effects when Metal is strong. I’ve provided a table chart of the Five Elements and Internal Organs on Page 132, and the effects of strong Metal on Page 134. And on Page 138, I’ve provided a basic chart on what you can do to reduce the effect when an organ is strong. Get my book if you’ve not already done. I guarantee you my book is life-changing, and you will live a better and healthier lifestyle once you’ve learned to identify your positive and negative traits, and diligently work to reduce the negative effects on your health.

I’ll be sharing the extended method to identify health conditions that may happen in a particular period in my forthcoming EON WORKSHOP in April. I’ll also be doing a more detailed health case study on Fong at the workshop. I look forward to see you at the workshop. I’m certain you will learn the extended methods that you can apply to life path profiling beyond basic character and personality profiling.

Yes, the signs are there in a person’s Personal Year, Month, or Day charts. What does this mean if you can identify the health signs? Well, it implies that if the person does not do anything to improve their health conditions, the tendency to suffer from some health conditions are high. But when the person knows about the possible health conditions earlier and started to take continuous preventive health measures, their actions may reduce the negative health effects. There is no guarantee that a health condition will surely improve when a person think and act positively. There are multiple reasons (e.g., social lifestyle, habits, negative thoughts, and stress) that may aggravate a health condition even if the person takes regular medication or natural supplements to boost their energies and vitality. But when you start taking a positive step today and NOW, you know you can take care of your own health.

Take care of your holistic health now. Even if you’re physically fit and can run marathons, it doesn’t mean your inner health is fit too. Learning EON to check on inner health is a good start to a healthier, happier, and wealthier lifestyle.



Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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