Reading and Digesting Makes a Difference

“I have just finished reading your book yesterday. Very interesting indeed.  However, it did cause some confusion in some areas and I needed more info. I hope you can elaborate more.”

Olsen attended Dr. Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) preview talk in Selangor (Malaysia) recently, and was impressed and excited with Dr Tan’s discovery of the numbers. However, he could not attend the PON course because of personal commitments. With the growing interest in PON, Olsen recently bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” through online direct as he’s from Malaysia. Olsen posted many questions and I thought I’d answer some of his questions here. I’m elaborating on some of the fundamental theories mentioned in my book in today’s article.

Q1a. Are there any particular meanings to the “list of association related to the 5 elements (Page 132)”
Q1b. For example, Element: Wood. Sense: Eyes – any significant or importance?
Q1c. Is there a potentially health disease affecting the eye?
Q1d. Environment: Wind – meaning? Or Energy: Blood – meaning?
Q1e. Body Area: Neck – do we have to take care of the neck?.

Answer: In ancient times, the Chinese metaphysicians associated different components (e.g, traits, energies, objects) into the Five Elements metaphor. Each element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) has various components associated to it, and grouped into different types. For example, we associated the EYES to the Wood element. This means that if your body has weak Wood deficiency, you may have eyes-related problems. An experienced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner can identify Wood deficiency by looking at your eyes (and other parts of the body associated to Wood), besides checking your pulse. Whether there would be problems later with your eyes (and even your neck) mainly depends on other elemental energies present in your body.

When a person has frequent internal “wind movement” in their body, it’s caused by an imbalance in the liver. In TCM, the liver controls the flow of blood out into the muscles, and in many ways, stores the blood. When a woman has menstruation problems, there’s a possible problem with the liver function.

You cannot read the theory of the Five Elements like a storybook. I understand how Olsen feels as I’d experienced similar difficulty when I first started learning Chinese Metaphysics. You should not correlate the terminologies in literal form unless stated. You should adopt a progressive approach to understand the Five Elements and apply it to personality profiling. The cloudy vision you once had may turn clearer one day.

I’ve used visual images to formulate the characteristics and traits of a person with the Five Elements at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. Olsen can check out the books at bookstores or read out articles on the Internet on the Five Elements should he wants to gain more knowledge on this specific subject.


Q2. I noticed that the potential health problem (Page 140/142) is based on Root number of a person’s birth date (BD). There are also Root number in a Personal Year, and the combined Root number (BD + PY). So is there no main health problem?

Answer. On Page 131 of my book, I have provided the steps to identify the main Health Symptoms. As stated, the health conditions associated to the “health symptom” remains as the main health problems in a person. However, that doesn’t mean a person will always die of problems related to the Health Symptoms elements. The energy levels differ in every year; and these may influence a person’s health condition. We can simply say the PY root number has a contributing influence to manifest the energies around. And depending on the Health Symptoms problems, the health problem a person may face in a particular year (BD+PY) depends on their health condition on other areas. Olsen can check out Page 135 for more information on how imbalance elements can affect your health.


Q3. On wealth, luck and success direction (Page 149/150), you provided the steps to plot the directional chart. I attended Dr. Oliver Tan’s preview seminar, and told of the wealth, luck and success directions. He did not mention the steps I need to do as stated in your book. Is there a contradiction here?

Answer. I’m glad Olsen asked this question. Many people assume the Directional Chart provides a sure-win guaranteed way to achieve Wealth, Luck, and Success. That’s a naïve thought. You need to treat the Directional Chart as a guideline to what’s possible. There are different levels of actions a person must do to achieve his goals while moving towards the desired directions. Eventually, it’s the person’s attitude and actions that determine the results they’d get. As “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,” it is common to know only the basic directions in a preview session. Olsen could attend Dr. Oliver Tan’s PON course in Malaysia to learn the extra action steps needed for the Wealth, Luck, and Success directions. Alternatively, he can always follow the basic steps I’ve mentioned in my book.


Q4. The method to plot the Birth chart, Time of Birth chart, and the Combined charts are on Page 248/249. I noticed the results vary as there are different Root numbers in the different charts.  I am confused which chart should be the main focus, if you know what I mean.

Answer. It’d be beneficial for Olsen to read the book slowly and learn to digest what I have written in my book. I have mentioned the Time of Birth chart provides additional clue to the person’s characteristics and traits. We should always consider the Birth chart as the main focus for profiling, and look at the Time of Birth chart for more clues to identify the inner traits of the person. Check Page 239 of my book for more information.


Q5. On Page 200, you mentioned H2 implies interaction with the father.  But in your example on Page 249, you also combine the H2 with other numbers present in the chart. For example, 3-8-4 suggests stressful relationship problem. Why?

Answer. Although H2 implies relationship a person has with their father, it doesn’t mean the traits present in H2 would only surface when Olsen and his father are together. The vibes present in H2 remains as subconscious and unconscious thoughts in the person. A person often stressed up with his father, may somehow become temperamental when dealing with others. The temperamental vibes remain as innate traits when dealing with others. In summary, this means that all numbers in a person’s birth chart (including Hidden Numbers) can affect and influence the person in every possible way.


I’d suggest Olsen to take it easy and learn EON progressively. Rushing through the theories in my book may not help much if you read the book like a storybook. But when you started to use the book as a reference material and digest the information, you could start learning the techniques and practice doing case studies. By then, your profiling knowledge will improve.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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